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Obituary from Taiwan. In Memory of Prof. Winfried Hassemer
Taiwan News, Staff Reporter
2014-01-30 11:44 AM

It is already one week after the disappearance of our dear friend and teacher Winfried Hassemer, our grief but has continued to increase.

We who were with him befreudet think continuously on him, his person, all his wisdom are still as alive before our eyes, and especially in our hearts.

1 Tze-ing Chen, Chairman of the EULRC; Chairman of TFC

   A true master of law

Konfuzuis taught us: "One day teacher, father throughout life." Prof. Hassemer was my teacher for over 33 years. His thoughts have become a part of my life.

It was a good day, indeed a proud day when my PhD supervisor Professor Winfried Hassemer visited me and my friends in Taiwan. For him it was selbtverständlich to hold some lectures at Taiwan's universities. "I need the close contact with the students, because they are our future," he said. I felt transported back during his lecture immediately as a student and doctor son in Germany in my own time and I felt the old enthusiasm for the great spirit of Winfried Hassemer again. His entire wealth of thoughts and ideas has accompanied me throughout my professional life.

After the award of an honorary doctorate at the National Taipei University, we talked at length about the current crises in Germany and Taiwan. And again I was fascinated Hassemers unshakable optimism about a "clearly articulated and moderate sized criminal law", can live with the people.

As a doctor's son I am committed to developing not finished by him lifework.

For me Hassemers life's work is important in educating the society. I should like to especially work on the 3 tasks:

1 The realization and rationalization of the legal interest

2 The deepening of his offense systematics

3 The transparency of rules of evidence

My Next DEVELOPMENT in Hassemers direction I will continue under his spiritual accompaniment. His ideas, his mind and his great influence will continue to live in Taiwan and Asia.

His death fills me with great sadness. My deepest condolences heard his wife and his family.

2 Luke Lien, a member of the EULRC; TFC Member

   A master of philosophical enlightenment

The encounters with Winfried Hassemer during his two-week stay in Taiwan have greatly influenced me. Many new ideas have inspired me to change my outlook on life in some points. He is a true master of words and the practical interpretation of the law. "It is primarily the man of the criminal law must be in the foreground!" said Prof. Hassemer to me. He fought for a "mass full and humane" criminal law. I was fascinated while the simple, understandable even for lay representation of difficult legal cases.

Professor Winfried Hassemer is not only a great champion, but also a good friend and older brother to me.

As a friend and collaborator of Tze-ment Chen I then Winfried Haasemer reported that we intend to set up in Taipei a European-Law Research Centre (EULRC) group and organize in order to realize his visions, and his ideals in Taiwan. In Prof. Hassemer was very pleased and even had immediately called his wife Kristiane to let her know our plans. Winfried Hassemer rejoiced at that time very much that his "ethics of justice" in such an important country such as Taiwan discussed and maybe even one day could be introduced in Taiwan's future jurisprudence.

I mourn his death. My sympathy goes to his wife and family.

3 Dieter Lutz Berger, a member of the EULRC; TFC Member

  Master of words with a dream

As Winfried Hassemer visited Taiwan in 2010, I waited along with over 400 students in the lecture hall looking forward to his lecture. The students sat on the floor or stood clustered on the walls of the auditorium. As Professor Tze-Lung Chen then was the former Frankfurt "doctor father" Winfried Hassemer welcomes, were we all, whether students or professors immediately struck under the spell of his personality. We followed first concentrated and then with true enthusiasm his presentation. It was not a classic lecture as normally keep him professors, it was a dialogue between Hassemer and the students. Then spoke an eloquent and quick-witted master of words. Then said a brilliant debater.

During his visit to Taiwan I could Winfried Hassemer also accompany. Up to the award of an honorary doctorate from the National Taipei University, Taiwan. And always like a red thread a dream, his personal dream through his speeches and conversations. His dream of a criminal law, only where necessary is used and with which people can live well. As formulated, the SZ: He dreamed of a criminal law, "clearly stated sanctions and moderation is measured - and that the people affected by criminal proceedings, where necessary, protects and preserves every effort".

But even such a person has a hard time if the current policy works against a liberal criminal law: After 11 September 2001 as the world's security right has been extensively aggravated lost as borders were to achieve a goal, then Hassemer was sometimes desperate. But he stayed anyway always remain confident to achieve his goal. His hope for a "liberal criminal law" was his life's work.

Now Winfried Hassemer is dead We lose a great spirit and true advocate for the right. Our heartfelt condolences go to his wife and all his family.

4 Claudius Petzold, a member of the EULRC; TFC Member

   Master the practical interpretation of the law

With other friends and colleagues, I had to get to know Prof. Hassemer in Taiwan very lucky. In addition to his invaluable knowledge and experience impressed me above all its friendly, open and respectful manner in which he every person - whether their own graduate student, colleague or student - came towards.

He represented not only the proximity of the right to citizenship, he put this idea to also in his lectures, conversations and behavior. I must confess that until this person meetings led me to concern myself with the "Constitutional Court" closer, with my respect for his person in every way steadily grew. Law has lofty, for each person absolutely unattainable goals:'s law is not only an abstract doctrine, case law is to serve the people's freedom, legal practitioners should be free of modern ideological influences without dwelling to the old ways.

Last every lawyer should be open to other areas, insights and needs of others and above all: the limits of his science and consider yourself critically.

Prof. Hassemer has lived these goals.

My condolences to his family.

5 Master of reason and humanity

Much too early

and far too suddenly

Prof. Hassemer of us is gone.

His insightful and conscientious nature will always be missed.

We are all very sad.

A voice that was familiar to us, is silent.

A man who was always there is no more.

What remains are grateful memories,

no one can take.

Of all the things that the

Make happiness of life,

gives us the friendship

the greatest wealth.

Thanks for everything, Prof. Hassemer.

His warmth and cheerfulness

will always be in our


We are very sad.

6 Only the man

I knew for many years actually only from the news.

How do I suddenly met him at a conference in personam, as I subsequently also could translate him now and again, since I have not met the media image of the judge, or the role of the professor and shiny Wissenschftlers, but the people in it .

That this was so is due to the guards type and impartiality, he has proven to me over. Man first, then science, and then the rest

In this respect I am very grateful to Prof. Hassemer, and I am grateful to him for the fact that he has accepted me for who I am, and that he listened to me just like any other of those present - no matter what name they wore or what institutions they represented. He has shown me the way that you - can be and remain human - regardless of the role that is assigned to one of the society.

In this way he was to me, an important model that confirmed despite the few occasions when we could see us in my way.

Unfortunately I can not ask for more behind him, me in a sense hiding behind him, but I must now defenseless try myself to be a role model, a smaller model on a much smaller territory. I miss him. The fact that he is missing me, is a good sign, and at the same occasion for deep sadness.

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