Diplomats to return Feb.17 to help prepare Taiwan TPP bid
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-02-06 02:24 PM
President Ma Ying-jeou said Wednesday that one of the key goals for the government this year will be to advance Taiwan’s efforts to participate in regional economic alliances that will strengthen its position in the international marketplace. The administration is preparing for negotiations involving the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) by examining ways to relax regulations and open up the domestic market as well as developing Free Economic Pilot Zone and promoting industrial restructuring. As a part of this campaign the government is calling for its overseas representative to return to Taiwan February 17 for a week of workshops to help prepare for the second round of TPP negotiations which begins in July.

Ma noted that the nations currently in the TPP represent 36% of Taiwan’s volume of trade, while those in RCEP represent 57%, meaning membership in both organizations would present tremendous opportunities for the nation in international trade. Ma warned that if Taiwan is unable to gain entry to the two blocs during the next few years "We are in very severe danger of being marginalized." He said, "The country must be mobilized, and we hope to make even more breakthroughs in the future."

Ma pointed out that Taiwan has worked long and hard to join the World Trade Organization, and its efforts are finally beginning to pay off.

Ma said that the country must continue its work in developing the Free Economic Pilot Zone, which he feels in now beginning to near many of its objectives.

Ma also noted that the National Development Council has announced that its indicator light for the Taiwan economy has turned from yellow and blue to green, a change which he said shows “the economy of Taiwan is recovering "

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