A New Era of NFC Credit Card Application Arrives with Taiwan’s First Commercialized TSM Platform
Taiwan News, Staff Reporter
2014-02-13 11:51 PM
The commercialization of NFC (Near Field Communication) credit card is taking off in 2014. Following the NFC TSM (Trusted Service Management) system launched in July, 2012, Kainan University once again leads the industry and announced together with its industry-academia cooperation partners Oberthur Card Systems and Smart Catch International Co., Ltd. that its NFC TSM platform has passed both the security certifications of Visa and MasterCard. Now banks can leverage Kainan University’s TSM platforms to issue by themselves or entrust Smart Catch International to issue the Visa and MasterCard NFC credit cards.

technology such as NFC credit cards, micro payments, transport ticketing services, mobile student ID cards, traffic information provision, mobile ordering and delivery of food, and audiovisual museums have been demonstrated on the TSM platform. The demonstrations vividly illustrate the brand new mobile life style in the near future.

Kao An-Pang, President of Kainan University, compared the TSM platform to a bridge between banks and telecoms. The platform ensures the efficiency and security of downloading credit card data to mobile phones, thereby protecting the card holder’s data security. The acquisition of Visa and MasterCard certifications ahead of other competitors, said President Kao, serves as a solid proof that Kainan University, Oberthur and Smart Catch International’s TSM platform has met international standards and is ready for commercialization. In addition, the platform will lead to explosive growth of NFC e-tickets in Taiwan. Service providers including those in the financial, transport, telecom, retail, and smart home industries will be able to create new revenue sources through NFC e-ticketing, enhance consumers’ satisfaction with their services, and improve customers’ loyalty. Furthermore, schools are able to provide a wide range of mutual management, information, learning, and communications services to faculty, staff and students with NFC student ID card.

Banks with credit card issuing abilities will benefit from the certificated NFC TSM platform as NFC-enabled mobile phone users can apply for NFC credit cards via mobile phones. Besides, they can activate their cards using encrypted OTA (Over-the-air) technology after acquiring a secure NFC-enabled micro SD card. The users can then enjoy convenient mobile payment services at stores having installed NFC readers as if they are using a physical credit card.

“Kainan University’s NFC TSM platform was a joint achievement with Oberthur in 2011. With core technologies from Oberthur, the platform started commercialization in 2013 as part of the business partner Smart Catch International's effort,” said Chen Horng-Chi, chairman of the Smart Catch International Co., Ltd. “As early as 2010, we have launched commercial services based on Oberthur's technology for financial and other service providers looking to tap into the NFC mobile payment market. Since then, we have accumulated an enormous subscriber base. It proves that this NFC TSM platform operated by Smart Catch International is a ready-made, stable, and secure system based on practical operation and service experiences.” Chen emphasized. 2014/02/13

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