Tsai, Su cool on subject of election for party chair
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-02-16 02:07 PM
Former and current chairs Tsai Ing-wen and Su Tseng-chang, the "two suns" of the DPP, are drawing constant attention as the May date of the next election for the chairmanship nears. Su has said several times that he is not ready to make an announcement regarding his candidacy, but it is readily apparent that he is making preparations for a campaign. Similarly, Tsai glibly claims that she is still thinking it over, but those closest to her in the party say they are "ready to fly" as soon as she makes public her decision on running for the leadership position.

Su and Tsai both attended a Chinese New Year event hosted by Taipei City Councilor Li Ching-feng Saturday afternoon, in a rare appearance of the "two suns" at the same venue. Given that two suns were present, however, it seemed that the atmosphere was more like ice than fire. Tsai went on stage at the event and Su immediately adapted a low profile, sitting down and busily engaging in a conversation with former Vice President Annette Lu. As Tsai stepped down from the stage she stopped briefly to speak with Su and the people around him, shaking hands and leaving immediately. The interaction between the two was definitely on the cool side.

Tsai made the rounds at three different Chinese New Year activities on Saturday; but asked if this meant she was warming up for an election campaign, she explained that she had time to attend so many events precisely because she is not concerning herself with electioneering right now. When reporters pressed her on whether she had decided on running for the chair, they drew a cursory, "You ask me that every day, and I answer you every day."

Saying only that she has not yet made a final decision, Tsai stressed that running for chairman of the party is a serious matter that requires serious thinking, "Please stop speculating every day about when I will announce my candidacy. I’ll let everyone know as soon as I decide."

A source close to Tsai discloses that although a final decision has yet to be made, staff and support personnel are already at work on speeches and other preparations, saying that at this point it would be practically impossible for Tsai not to run

Meanwhile Su insists that he is also not involved in preparations for the chairmanship race. He says that as current party chairman his main responsibility is to ensure that the party will be ready for the 7-in-1 elections scheduled for the end of the year.

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