Ko Wen-je: the DPP is no pushover
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-02-17 11:03 AM
On Sunday Ko Wen-je responded to Wellington Koo’s jibe that he was trying to “eat the DPP’s tofu” – take advantage of the party’s softness – by saying that the DPP was anything but soft. Ko noted that the DPP is a very strong force in Taiwan's democracy, and also took time to refute former Vice-president Annette Lu’s criticism the DPP’s obsession with Ko is a defeatist ploy and the party needs to be more assertive.

Ko made his remarks at a Lunar New Year event sponsored by Taipei City Councilor Ruan Jhao-syong, which was well attended by prospective candidates for the Taipei mayoral race as well as DPP legislators. Mayoral candidate Pasuya Yao was an early arrival at the venue, and when Ko arrived he shook hands with Yao and exchanged a few words before taking a seat across the aisle.

Ko said the DPP’s obsession with the “Ko phenomenon” is not defeatist, but is rather an aggressive stance which shows that the party is capable of integrating a wide range of opinions to form a larger opposition force.

Ko also commented on former President Lee Teng-hui’s remark that the DPP was unable to exert control over its candidate for mayor of Taipei City. He said, "I know that President Lee likes me, he has always been pretty good to me." He went on to add that the nomination process can be a very difficult job, and the DPP needs time to work everything out.

Wellington Koo told reporters later that party chairman Su Tseng-chang had called together five potential candidates in the party last Friday to discuss the situation in selecting a nominee for the mayor’s race. Koo said the five potential candidates all agreed that the main priority for the party is to carry out the party primary for the mayor’s race. Anything beyond that, they said, should be left up to party officials to decide once the primary is over.

Koo said the DPP has been tangled up in the debate over Ko for several months and a consensus is emerging on the issue. He explained, "Whether Ko Wen-je will join the party or not is entirely up to him to decide. No one should force him to join, and no should urge him to become a member."

Koo also denied that the issues in the Taipei mayoral race are interfering with the effectiveness of the party, saying, "No, I don’t feel that way at all."

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