Pingchen police officer mulls private suit against county councilor
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-02-24 03:04 PM
Pingchen Police Precinct Captain Hsu Chuan-tu says he intends to privately sue Taoyuan County councilor Luo Wen-chin over an incident on February 20 in a Taoyuan County karaoke. Luo was upset that Hsu and several police officers barged in on his group, and reportedly greeted Hsu with an obscene remark. Hsu now says he will take the county councilor to court on charges of intimidation, obstruction of official duty and other violations.

"I have to sue in a personal capacity, not as police officer," Hsu noted. He added, "This should not take long," as explained that he will use vacation time to pursue the suit against Luo. Chen Wu-kang, public relations director for the Taoyuan County Sheriff’s Office, said that Hsu was carrying out official police duties in accordance with the law, and the police captain will have the full support of the county government.

Luo Wen-chin reportedly claimed that he was slightly tipsy and asked the police to produce identification. Luo said that Hsu failed to show any ID and it was Hsu who began using obscenities. He now says he is willing to apologize to the captain but insists; "I did not hit anyone. There is no need for me to do that." He admits that he may have pushed someone or pulled on an arm during the altercation.

A spokesman for the county sheriff’s office said Hsu went to the KTV in Pingchen Township with ten police officers to check on reports of prostitution and other illegal activity involving hostesses.

Following the exchange of words with Luo, Hsu instructed his officers to gather evidence, then left the premises in order to avoid injury to other guests.

Hsu returned immediately to the precinct office and filed a report on the incident. On Sunday he applied for leave in order to take legal action against Luo.

Luo explains that he grew up in a rural environment where obscenities were common in arguments and confrontations. He said that he is willing to apologize to Hsu if the officer was offended, but continues to insist that he did not hit anyone.

A high ranking police officer in the National Police Agency said he disapproves of the way the incident was handled by the officers involved in the incident. The NPA official criticized police in Taoyuan as too weak. He said they were acting in an official capacity, and no matter who the other party was, he or they should have been arrested for interfering with official police business.

Another high ranking police officer disagreed, saying that local police have their hands tied. He noted that police budgets are in the hands of county councilors and that as long as things do not get out of control in an incident, most officers will opt to settle differences quietly in order to avoid causing trouble for themselves and their superiors.

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