Singer's agency vows legal action over threatening letter
Central News Agency
2014-02-24 10:06 PM
Taipei, Feb. 24 (CNA) The management company of Taiwanese Mandopop singer Jam Hsiao vowed on Monday to take legal action against the sender or senders of a threatening letter targeting the singer. Warner Music Taiwan said in a statement that the police are currently handling the case, and the company will file a lawsuit after consulting with lawyers. It did not specify, however, who the target of the lawsuit would be. Hsiao, who narrowly escaped being splashed with urine and feces last October, received a threatening letter on Friday. Enclosed in the letter, which had Hsiao's name on it, were mealworms and paper money usually burned for the deceased, Warner Music Taiwan said. The 26-year-old singer said Sunday that he suspected the series of threatening incidents to be premeditated. "I can only wait," he said, referring to the results of the police investigation. The attack on Hsiao in October was far more graphic than the letter. Men riding scooters threw feces and urine into the singer's car, hitting his driver but not Hsiao himself. Four men were charged with intimidation and public insult early in November, and the award-winning singer appeared at a court hearing on the case to explain what happened in October and describe threatening calls he received before that. Though the four men involved in the attack were charged, they are thought to be hired guns rather than the mastermind behind the harassment campaign, who has yet to be identified despite widespread speculation. The singer, known for his explosive high notes, rose to fame after he appeared on a local talent show in 2007. (By Hsu Hui and Christie Chen)
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