Wu Yu-sheng: 45 Death Row inmates should be executed
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-02-25 03:35 PM
KMT Legislator Wu Yu-Sheng demanded in a session at the Legislative Yuan Tuesday that the government implement a "Spring Resolution" and execute all 45 of the inmates now on death row in Taiwan. Wu said the Ma administration should ignore the pleas of international human rights organizations and organizations opposed to the death penalty and carry out the order. If Justice Minister Lo Ying-shay has any reservations about such an act, said Wu, she should step down just as her predecessor Wang Ching-feng did. If not, he threatened that he would ask the Control Yuan to impeach Lo.

"I am fed up with hearing local underworld figures brag that if they break the law they will not be sentenced to death!" said Wu, Former Minister of Justice Wang Ching-feng’s resignation came in part because he resisted calls to carry out executions, while his successor Tseng Yung-fu ordered the execution of 21 convicted prisoners during his term in office. Current Justice Minister has so far refrained from issuing any orders as the number of inmates on Death Row has slowly risen to 52.

Wu Yu-sheng said it is not legal to defray indefinitely the cost of living of those on death row, adding, "I burn incense in the temple and I ask for the death penalty to be carried out, and I can’t take it any more." He explained that seven inmates on death row have appeals pending, but the remaining 45 can be executed at any time, He noted that autumn is past and now is the time for a "Spring Resolution." He asked for Lo’s word that she will carry out the executions immediately.

Lo told Wu that after taking office it was her duty to determine that the avenues of appeal of all inmates on death had been exhausted before she would order any executions. She explained that she was not opposed to the death penalty.

Premier Jiang Yi-huah has said that he fully supports Lo and her position and that as Justice Minister it is her responsibility to make a final decision on carrying out executions. He added that he trusts that she will make appropriate decisions as to whether executions should be carried out, and if so, when they should be performed.

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