BC-AP News Coverage Advisory
Associated Press
2014-02-25 11:42 PM

Here's a look at how AP's general news coverage is shaping up today. Some plans are subject to change.


Among today's coverage highlights as we see them:


-- WOMEN IN COMBAT (sent; developing)

-- JAPAN-BITCOIN-MT GOX (sent; developing; with Q&A)

-- MEXICO-DRUG WAR (upcoming)




-- UGANDA-GAYS (sent)

PHOTOS: UKRAINE PROTESTS (sent; developing)


Here are details of those stories, plus others we have in the works for today and notable pieces that we sent in the past 10 hours (all times EST):


JAPAN-BITCOIN-MT GOX --The website of major bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox is offline amid reports it suffered a debilitating theft, a new setback for efforts to gain legitimacy for the virtual currency. SENT: 650 words, photos. UPCOMING: Developing with spot coverage, explanation and analysis.


-- BITCOIN-Q&A -- UPCOMING: 600 words by 1 p.m.

EUROPE-UKRAINE - A firm course change in Ukraine -- westward and turning away from Moscow -- would have momentous consequences for the balance of power in Europe. SENT: 1,000 words, photos.

BIDEN-UKRAINE - In the hours before he fled Ukraine's capital, Yanukovych huddled on the phone for more than an hour with Biden, a longtime associate and close contact throughout the political crisis gripping the former Soviet republic. SENT: 710 words, photo.

UKRAINE-PROTESTS - A former presidential aide despised by protesters has been shot and wounded, his spokesman said Tuesday, raising fears of retaliation as Ukraine charts a new tumultuous political course. SENT: 930 words, photos. UPCOMING: Developing.

- UKRAINE-BAILOUT BLUES - Ukraine needs money, and fast - in weeks, not months. But bailing out the country of 46 million people will not be a matter of simply writing a big check. SENT: 920 words, photos.

- UKRAINE TURMOIL-ADOPTION - Alabama family adopts 4 children from Ukraine in middle of violent anti-government protests. SENT: 800 words, photos.

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC- TINY TRAVELERS - Story planned on children arriving on their own at a church after walking for days, some losing their parents en route. With photos. UPCOMING.

NIGERIA-VIOLENCE - Suspected Islamic militants killed dozens of students in a pre-dawn attack on a northeast Nigerian college, survivors say. SENT: 560 words.

UGANDA-GAYS - A Ugandan newspaper published a list Tuesday of what it called the country's "200 top" homosexuals, outing some Ugandans who previously had not identified themselves as gay one day after the president enacted a harsh anti-gay law. SENT: 700 words, photos. UPCOMING: Watching for reaction and other developments, details TBD.

MEXICO-DRUG WAR - The Mexican cartel leader captured Saturday employed the very latest high-tech communications gadgetry and sophisticated counterespionage practices to elude a massive international manhunt for 13 years, the AP has learned. But in the end, it wasn't enough. UPCOMING: 700 words by 2100 GMT, photo.

PROSECUTING THE KINGPIN - Federal prosecutors across the United States are already jockeying over who will handle any case against drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, even though it's far from clear whether he'll ever be brought to this country to face charges. SENT: 850 words, photos.

SOMALIA-STILL IN NEED - Somalia's 2011 famine is over. Militants have been pushed out of Mogadishu. Political progress is being made. And yet the U.N. and Somali government are pleading with international donors to help a country they say is still in crisis. SENT: 530 words.

LEBANON-ARMY - From radical preachers to irreverent taxi drivers, anger is spreading through Lebanon's Sunni community toward the country's military, adding a dangerous twist to Lebanon's instability, already shaken by relentless bombings. SENT: 1,020 words, photos.

PALESTINIANS-OSCAR HOPEFUL -- In the Holy Land, the state of Palestine does not yet exist. But in Hollywood, it's already got an Oscar finalist. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' announcement that "Omar," one of this year's candidates for best foreign language film, hailed from "Palestine" has raised more than a few eyebrows in these parts, where Israelis and the Palestinians are engaged in peace talks aimed at establishing just such a state. UPCOMING: 1,000 words, photos by 2100 GMT.

EGYPT - Egyptian courts have sentenced 220 mostly supporters of the ousted Islamist president to up to seven years imprisonment for instigating violence and holding protests without a permit. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Developing.

KOREAS-DIVIDED FAMILIES - The 88-year-old North Korean man stretched his arms out the bus window to grasp the hands of his South Korean sister one final time. SENT: 690 words, photos.

THAILAND-POLITICS -- Shots were fired at two protest sites in central Bangkok after weekend violence in which four children and an adult were killed, security officials said. SENT: 600 words, photos.

THAILAND-CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENT - Police in Thailand say an accident at a construction site near Bangkok has killed at least 11 people and injured 18 others. SENT: 100 words. UPCOMING: Developing.

SYRIA - The leader of a powerful al-Qaida-linked group in Syria gives a rival breakaway group a five-day ultimatum to accept mediation by leading clerics to end infighting or be "expelled" from the region. SENT: 850 words, photos. UPCOMING: 800 words with a new approach by 3 p.m

JERUSALEM-HOLY SITE - Israeli police stormed a sensitive Jerusalem holy site Tuesday to disperse a violent protest there, hours before the Israeli parliament was to debate a nationalist lawmaker's motion to extend control over it. SENT: 510 words.

BRITAIN-PHONE HACKING -- Former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks says she never sanctioned phone hacking, and was horrified when she learned the tabloid had targeted the phone of a missing teenager. SENT: 310 words, photo.

BRITAIN-TERRORISM ARRESTS - A former Guantanamo Bay detainee who is a well-known advocate for the rights of terrorism suspects was arrested on suspicion of Syria-related terrorism offenses, British police said Tuesday. SENT: 310 words, photos.

SOUTH AFRICA-PISTORIUS - Parts of his murder trial can be broadcast live on television by three remote-controlled cameras, a judge ruled Tuesday. SENT: 460 words, photos.

MYANMAR-PERSECUTED ROHINGYA - An independent human rights group said it has obtained official documents that directly implicate the Myanmar government in abusive and discriminatory policies targeting the long-persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority. SENT: 490 words.

CHINA-POLLUTION - The smog is so bad even the statues wear masks. Or at least they do in pictures of a campus stunt that circulated online as parts of northern China suffered a sixth straight day of severe pollution. SENT: 220 words, photos.

INDIA-LEOPARD SCARE - Forestry officials and police armed with tranquilizer darts are searching for a leopard that has injured six people in a northern Indian city, creating panic and driving people indoors. SENT: 300 words, photos.

CHINA-PRESIDENTIAL STROLL - Chinese President Xi Jinping braved Beijing's choking smog to make an unannounced visit to a trendy alley and sit with residents in his latest effort to be seen as a man of the people. SENT: 340 words, photo.

ITALY-POLITICS - New Italian Premier Renzi wins crucial Parliament confidence vote after pitching 'bold' vision. SENT: 430 words, photos.

FRANCE-PANTHEON - France's Pantheon, mausoleum for renowned, open to all during renovation (selfies welcome). SENT: 120 words.


WOMEN IN COMBAT - Only a small fraction of Army women say they'd like to move into one of the newly opening combat jobs, but those few who do, say they want a job that takes them right into the heart of battle, according to preliminary results from a survey of the service's nearly 170,000 women. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: 990 words by 1530 GMT, photos. An AP Exclusive.

CONGRESS-DEFENSE BUDGET - The Obama administration's push for a smaller, nimbler military now faces the scrutiny of Congress. The issue could come up as early as Tuesday when the Senate Armed Services Committee considers the nominations of six senior Pentagon officials. SENT: 980 words. UPCOMING: Developing from 1430 GMT. hearing. 800 words by 2100 GMT, photos.

GOP TAX OVERHAUL - An election-year plan by House Republicans to simplify the tax code has no chance of becoming law without Democratic support. Instead, it could become a political document for House Republicans to show what they stand for, and for Democrats to attack, as the midterm elections approach in November. SENT: 740 words.


FLORIDA EXECUTION -- A man who killed a police officer with a package booby-trapped with explosives is to be put to death in Florida this week. UPCOMING: 600 words by 2200 GMT.


MERS AND CAMELS - Scientists say the mysterious MERS virus has been infecting camels in Saudi Arabia for at least two decades, and early human cases probably went undiagnosed. SENT: 480 words.

TESTOSTERONE RISKS-FDA PETITION - - A consumer advocacy group is calling on the FDA to add a bold warning label to popular testosterone drugs for men in light of growing evidence that the hormone treatments can increase the risk of heart attack. SENT: 480 words.


WINTER MISERY INDEX - For residents of some cities, a new winter index has confirmed what their driveways, boots and bones have told them this year: This has been one of the harshest winters they've had the misfortune to experience. But for other cities, and the whining has been unjustified UPCOMING 400 words by 3 p.m., photos.


WIRELESS SHOW-SMARTPHONES FOR ALL - Here's the rub for companies: A good part of the key markets they serve already own smartphones and use them to connect various Internet services. How do you grow from there? SENT: 1,000 words, photos.

WIRELESS-SHOW-BLACKBERRY - BlackBerry will release a low-cost phone in Indonesia in April and plans a broader release of a phone that restores a beloved row of control keys with a track pad. SENT: 460 words.

WIRELESS SHOW-DIGITAL LIFE-SAMSUNG - Samsung is banking on you shaping up this spring. SENT: 640 words, photos.

GAMES-TWITCH-XBOX ONE -- Xbox One will soon be Twitchier than the PlayStation 4. The popular video game broadcasting service Twitch is bringing a slew of fresh features to Microsoft's newest console. SENT: 580 words, photos.

CHINA-SINA WEIBO-IPO - AP source: Chinese internet company Sina plans to spin off its Twitter-like microblog service, Weibo, in a U.S. initial public offering to raise $500 million. SENT: 320 words.

GERMANY-ZUCKERBERG - A German cartoonist has apologized for causing offense by depicting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as a hooked-nose octopus. SENT: 130 words.


OBAMA-MANUFACTURING - He is satisfying a year-old pledge by announcing the creation of two Pentagon-led institutes that will combine public and private resources to foster manufacturing innovation. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: 500 words by 2200 GMT, photo.

LINKEDIN-CHINA - LinkedIn is launching a Chinese-language site for the world's most populous Internet market and says it will comply with the China's censorship rules SENT: 360 words.



HEINZ AWARDS - The Heinz Family Foundation is honoring five people for their work to improve the world through innovations in the arts, science, public policy, technology, and economics. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Developing.

BURLESQUE BOOM - Welcome to modern burlesque. It's a revival of an art form that had its heyday in the early 1900s, faded in the 1960s and began making a comeback about 20 years ago. SENT: 800 words, photos, video.

CUBA-ECCENTRIC NAMES - HAVANA -- Creative names have long been de rigueur in Cuba. Consider "Yotuel," a mashup of the Spanish-language pronouns for "I," ''you" and "he," or "Yusnaby," inspired by "U.S. Navy." But today the trend is falling out of fashion as many new parents are increasingly picking more traditional handles for their kids, saying they believe it will better suit them professionally and personally when they grow up. By Andrea Rodriguez. UPCOMING: 880 words, photos.


OSCARS-ACADEMY PRESIDENT - Last July, film executive Cheryl Boone Isaacs was named the first black president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Only the third female to hold the title, Isaacs discusses diversity and the Oscars' evolving image. UPCOMING: 800 words by 2000 GMT, photos.

OSCARS - RED CARPET READY - The picture-perfect looks to be unveiled on Oscar's red carpet have been months in the making and often require a team of professionals. UPCOMING: 600 words by 2000 GMT, photos.

PALESTINIANS-OSCAR HOPEFUL - See line in the WORLD section above.

TV-SCANDAL-BELLAMY YOUNG - Bellamy Young is in the thick of ABC's "Scandal. " Young plays the third corner of this White House love triangle, first lady Mellie Grant. SENT.

TV-LATE NIGHT-SETH MEYERS - Soon enough, Seth Meyers seemed to gain control of his inaugural edition of "Late Night." SENT: 820 words, photos.

MUSIC-BECK - It may come as a surprise to many fans that Beck Hansen suffered a spinal injury that kept him from making music in the usual ways for a significant portion of the last decade. UPCOMING: 600 words by noon, photos.

OPERA-PRINCE IGOR - Alexander Borodin's "Prince Igor" is the opera everyone can hum but few have seen. SENT: 630 words, photos.

THEATER-ELAINE STRITCH -Elaine Stritch just loves the documentary about her. Adores it, actually. There's just one thing she'd change. SENT: 550 words, photos.

PEOPLE-GEORGE LUCAS - The filmmaker and his wife are donating $25 million to a prestigious private school on Chicago's South Side. SENT: 130 words.

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