Lonely Planet praises Taiwan as 'foodie wonderland'
Central News Agency
2014-03-18 01:06 PM
London, March 17 (CNA) Respected travel authority Lonely Planet gave a shout out to Taiwan's culinary scene on its website last week, calling the country a "secret foodie wonderland" with a diversity of influences. Author Megan Eaves noted that many of Taiwan's dishes are hybrid creations that blend Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese culinary traditions to represent the different cultural influences over Taiwan's long history of colonization. "The word 'fusion' gets thrown around a lot in culinary circles... but the Taiwanese really know what it's all about," she said in the article. On her list of "don't-miss dishes," Eaves included xiao long bao (pork dumplings filled with soup broth), niu rou mian (beef noodles), dan zai noodles, cong zhua bing (flaky disc-like flatbread made with scallions) and gua bao (pork sandwiches). On the "if-you-dare dishes" list are stinky tofu, squid, fried sandworms, pig intestines, century eggs and oyster omelets. Eaves also compiled a list of "drink your heart out" beverages, from Taiwanese beer to pearl milk tea, oolong tea and even local expressions of coffee. Although Taiwan has not short of gourmet restaurants like the world renowned Din Tai Fung dumpling house, much of Taiwan's best food is to be found in small, local restaurants, the article said. "Perhaps the finest night market scene in the world" can be found locally, making up the mainstay of Taiwan's snack culture and night life, the article continued. "The best plan is no plan: get lost in the market, eat when you're hungry and pop your head into shops and stalls that look enticing." (By Jennifer Huang and Y.F. Low)
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