China Times: A shame to democracy
Central News Agency
2014-03-20 11:54 AM
A group of protesters comprising mostly students stormed into the Legislative Yuan and occupied its main chamber Tuesday during a rally against the trade-in-services agreement signed between Taiwan and China last June. Following the unprecedented occupation, the protesters demanded that police withdraw from the building, that President Ma Ying-jeou apologize to the people, that Premier Jiang Yi-huah step down and that the agreement be returned to a legislative committee for detailed review. We must say frankly that if the government accepts these demands, it may as well shut itself down. This country is a democracy ruled by law and votes. We have a popularly elected president who has the responsibility to promote legislation in the interests of the majority of the people. A popularly elected legislature, meanwhile, is responsible for deliberating legislation in accordance with due procedure. Regrettably, these rules of democracy were broken by the protesters, who paid no regard to the facts that the trade-in-services agreement has undergone a long discussion in the Legislative Yuan and that the results of many opinion surveys also reveal that the majority of people are in favor of it. We must seriously condemn the opposition Democratic Progressive Party: You are moving toward a direction that you once opposed. Even more immoral is your instigating of students to stand on the front line and allowing them to denigrate the Legislature's dignity using undemocratic and irrational methods. Also, we want to advise the students taking part in the protest: You are not practicing democracy but instead are damaging democracy. Before you come out to voice your opposition, you should first conduct a good study of the agreement and not allow yourselves to be manipulated by politicians. (Editorial abstract -- March 20, 2014) (By Y.F. Low)
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