9 injured, sent to hospitals as protesters break into Executive Yuan
Central News Agency
2014-03-23 10:33 PM
Taipei, March 23 (CNA) Eight protesters and one police officer were injured and sent to hospitals amid clashes Sunday evening when student-led demonstrators broke into the Executive Yuan in downtown Taipei, as an expanded protest against a services trade pact with China. Hundreds of protesters broke into the Executive Yuan compound, with some of them breaking the windows to enter the main building to occupy the office of the Premier, the generator room and other offices. In the pushing and scuffles between the protesters and the police, nine people were injured and sent to two nearby hospitals as of 10 p.m. Some of them were hurt by the glass when trying to climb into the building through the broken windows. Many of the protesters gathered at the Executive Yuan shifted from a days-long rally at the Legislature. They demanded President Ma Ying-jeou apologize, Premier Jiang Yi-huah step down and the government withdraw the pact from the Legislature, which is in the progress of reviewing the pact. They also demanded legislating a law to allow a mechanism for close monitoring of all agreements with China. In response to the development at the Executive Yuan, Lin Fei-fan, one of the initiators of the student-led occupation of the Legislature, urged the protesters to resort to peaceful, non-violent means. More and more police are moving to the Executive Yuan compound in preparation for evicting the intruding protesters. (By Yuris Ku, Liu Chien-pang and Elaine Hou)
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