Ting Shou-chung declares for Taipei mayor’s race
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-03-26 02:41 PM
Registration for candidates for the KMT Taipei mayoral race concluded Wednesday, and on Tuesday morning legislator Ting Shou-chung appeared at KMT party headquarters in Taipei to throw his hat in the ring. Ting almost immediately began digging at his opponents in the race, noting that Sean Lien was at one time the undisputed leader for the KMT nomination but more recently has begin to show signs of weakening. He said that developments in the lead-up to November’s elections present a golden opportunity. He said more and more people are beginning to realize that a viable candidate for the office should bring some useful experience to the table, especially in the area of political expertise. He added that he is free of any complicated political and commercial obligations that might hamper his ability to function as an outstanding mayor for Taipei.

Ting’s entry into the race brings the field up to four candidates including Ting, Sean Lien, Chung Hsiao-ping and Alex Tsai. Each registrant is required to present a list of 1582 party members in support, and the party has the right to reject the registration if it finds any duplicate or bogus names on the list.

Ting showed up at party headquarters with the endorsement of a total of 4926 party members. He noted that he gathered the signatures by using volunteer helpers in order to minimize the cost of preparing for a campaign. He added that he did not have any messages for his opponents in the primary, saying only that he urges each one to do his best.

Asked for his take on the 318 student movement and the police crackdown on protesters on March 24, Ting noted that he hopes the conflict can be resolved with a minimum of strife and injury. He noted that President Ma Ying-jeou has said he is willing to come forward and engage in dialogue with the students, and this together with Wang Jin-pyng’s efforts to promote talks between the ruling and opposition party on the TiSA issue is a very good sign that a breakthrough could be in the offing. Ting said he believes all these actions will help to resolve the current political impasse and bring an early return to normal democratic rule of law through strengthened oversight by the Legislative Yuan.

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