KMT agrees to return TiSA to committee
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-03-27 02:05 PM
President Ma Ying-jeou said Wednesday that the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), which has sparked controversy on all sides of the political spectrum and set off a student protest movement, will be sent back to committee in the Legislative Yuan. Ma termed the decision an expression of goodwill along with his invitation to engage in dialogue with leaders in the student movement.

The KMT set forth four conditions as a part of its proposition. (1) The bill will be returned to committee for a clause-by-clause review; (2) the process of review will be monitored and overseen by Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng; (3) review procedures will be open and flexible; and (4) the DPP must sign an agreement not to obstruct the review

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A senior member of the KMT said Wednesday night, "This is a very painful decision for us but it is one we are forced to accept." He noted that the Legislative Yuan’s daily communique did not include a record of the announcement by Chang Ching-chung Chang that the bill had been sent to the full Legislative Yuan. Thus there was no avenue to appeal to Speaker Wang and the KMT was forced back to square one in the tussle over approval of the trade pact.

Wang Jin-pyng convened a meeting of representatives from the ruling and opposition parties at 9:30am Thursday morning. The KMT group presented their four conditions in returning the bill to committee.

The KMT legislators appealed once more to Wang Jin-pyng to accept the bill on behalf of the full Legislative Yuan, adding that if Wang refuses to do so, it will have no choice but to allow it to be returned to committee. The ruling party representatives said they were making these concessions only because they are compelled to do so by the circumstances. They emphasized that their decision was not made under pressure from the CPC Central Committee or party chairman Ma Ying-jeou and that no one was blaming Chang Ching-chung for what was happening.

Senior party executives said the March 17 session presided over by Chang Ching-chung was a “scene of utter chaos”. In the melee, Chang’s announcement that TiSA would be sent to the full Legislative Yuan was not verified and entered into the daily record. Thus the KMT has no grounds for asking Wang Jin-pyng to deliver the bill to the floor of the Executive Yuan and was forced to agree to have the bill returned to committee for review.

Senior members of the KMT expressed frustration over the situation, complaining that "the referee is not being fair to the KMT.” They noted that although Wang Jin-pyng is a KMT member, in this issue he is siding with the opposition and he has left the KMT no choice but to yield to pressure and allow TiSA to return to committee.

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