Alex Tsai to students: Stick around until 2016
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-03-31 10:57 AM
As several hundred thousand protesters took to the streets Sunday to demonstrate against the government’s “black box” handling of the Cross-strait Service Trade Agreement (CSSTA), KMT legislator Alex Tsai posted a number of caustic remarks on his Facebook page aimed at student leaders of the movement. Tsai sneered at the students who have occupied the Legislative Yuan since March 18, saying, “The Legislative Yuan is a very hospitable place. Just stay there until 2016."

The large crowds gathered on Ketagalan Boulevard Sunday were loud and expressive in their support for the student protesters and their leaders. Tsai, however, who has been strident in criticizing the student movement ever since it broke out, sneered at students who claimed that they "never want to leave the Legislative Yuan!"

Tsai noted, "The students say they will never leave the Legislative Yuan because shameless politicians have no right to be in the Assembly Hall. That’s rich!” Tsai pointed out that even ‘shameless’ legislators serve a term in office, and when that term is up they must win re-election in order to stay in office. If they lose a subsequent election they are gone. But the students occupying the Legislative Yuan were not elected to office and do not have set term limits. They say they will leave when they are ready to go, said Tsai, and if there is no reason to go, they will just stay.

Tsai added that he had announced as early as 2012 that he would not run for election from the same constituency anyway. He observed that "by 2016 I may have nothing to do, and I can invite you all to eat chicken hot pot."

Tsai exhorted the students to keep their word, saying, "Remember your oath that if Ma Ying-jeou does not concede, you will not leave!"

Some netizens praised Tsai for his stance, saying he was one of the few who dared speak out and tell the truth. Others were more cynical, advising him to go undercover and recruit more black-shirt anti-CSSTA protesters. One noted, "Actually, you’ve been against the trade pact all along, haven’t you?"

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