China Times: Time to think about pulling out of Legislature
Central News Agency
2014-03-31 11:17 AM
Responding to a call from student-led protesters occupying the Legislative Yuan, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets Sunday to voice their opposition to a trade-in-services agreement with China. Although the massive rally has come to a peaceful end, the protesters have no intention of pulling out of the Legislature. They have ignored President Ma Ying-jeou's goodwill gestures, making it clear that anything other than "withdrawing the service trade agreement" is not acceptable. We must point out that no matter how unpopular Ma has become, he remains the head of state who was legally elected by the majority of voters. He is responsible also to those people who voted for him, not just the group of students who are occupying the Legislature. Any disputes will eventually have to be resolved within the system. No matter how clever the students are, they cannot replace the legislators or dictate that the lawmaking body act in accordance with their demands. No matter how successful the student movement, it must end sometime. The protesters can certainly expand their action and even take to the streets on a weekly basis, but this will bring down not only the Ma administration but also the whole of Taiwan. We hereby urge the student leaders to begin thinking about a stop-loss point. Within just 13 days, you have achieved what the opposition Democratic Progressive Party failed to attain in nine months. You have successfully gained nationwide and worldwide attention. You have also managed to make the ruling Kuomintang retreat further and further and have even induced Ma to lower his profile and seek dialogue with you. You have mobilized a successful rally. No matter how the trade-in-services agreement develops in the future, you have won the respect of many people, and the Sunflower Student Movement will definitely be written into history. So just turn the rest of the work over the Legislature and go back to school to finish your studies. (Editorial abstract -- March 31, 2014) (By Y.F. Low)
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