Tsai Ing-wen: Ma must face up and be a legitimate leader
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-03-31 06:02 PM
Former DPP Chairman Tsai Ing-wen posted an appeal to President Ma Ying-jeou on Facebook Monday morning, asking Ma to stop churning out propaganda and seriously confront the challenges facing him as an elected president.

Tsai warned that Ma must seriously address the problem of what he must do as the legitimate leader of the nation. She said that in the current situation Ma is the only person in a position to bridge the divides that exist in state and society. She urged the president to come forward and face reality. Ma must come to his senses, she said, and stand up like a true head of state to solve the country's problems.

Tsai noted that young people in this country have the courage and conviction to rely on their own strength in determining their own destiny. The government has been slow in understanding what these young people want, however, and even dares to offer the exact opposite of what they are looking for. Young people are worried about jobs and the future, said, Tsai, but the only solution offered by the government is to open the floodgates and allow more people in to compete with them. Tsai stressed that the younger generation cares about the democratic process and preserving their lifestyle, but the Ma administration works to overturn everything they hold dear and destroy their cherished values.

Tsai said the 330 demonstration on Ketagalan Boulevard clearly shows that young people in Taiwan have rejected President Ma’s arrangements for their future. They have elected to go their own way, and they are not willing to follow the road laid out by President Ma and his administration.

Tsai called on Ma to respond to the students’ demands, She said Ma can put an end to the crisis if he will pledge to refrain from violence and offer a positive response to the students’ demands. There is a truly democratic way to resolve dispute over CSSTA and other trade agreements, she said, and this is an opportunity to strengthen Taiwan’s democracy and take positive steps towards building a solid social consensus among the people of the island.

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