Taiwanese panel makers monitor market amid Korean tensions
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-04-01 11:52 AM
Tensions rose between North and South Korea as they traded artillery shells on Monday. Since South Korea’s two major electronic component products, panels and DRAM, compete directly with Taiwan, once heightened tensions between the Koreas impinge on South Korean exports ahead of stocking period prior to China’s May Day holiday, a “broken chain” may occur. An influx of orders are expected at Taiwanese companies such as Chimei Innolux (3481), AU Optronics (2409), Nanya (2408),and Inotera (3474).

Since South Korean panels and DRAM both account for the largest global market share in their respective sectors, any accidental discharges between Koreas will severely impact market supply. Taiwan is second in global market share when it comes to these two major components. Related companies are paying close attention to market dynamics.

Industry insiders believe that it is unlikely that there will be a large scale confrontation between the Koreas. However, South Korean restrictions on outbound traffic due to escalating tensions will impact panel and DRM exports adversely, and Taiwanese companies will benefit, according to media.

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