Huang Shih-ming resignation still pending
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-04-02 11:08 AM
Prosecutor-General Huang Shih-ming was sentenced a year in prison on February 21 by the Taipei District Court, and despite a loud promise that he would “resign if convicted”, Huang’s resignation is still pending 11 days later. Huang has reportedly already submitted a formal resignation, but with neither the Presidential Office nor the Ministry of Justice taking action on the request, Huang remains the official Prosecutor-General.

Lawyer Chiu Yi-feng remarked Tuesday that When former Prosecutor-General Chen Tsung-ming resigned January 19, 2010, over a flap about being wined and dined by a doctor, his request had cleared the President’s desk by the end of business one day later. During last September’s Ma-Wang political struggle, KMT officials revoked Wang Jin-pyng’s party membership in less than a week as punishment for alleged influence peddling in the Legislative Yuan, while KMT legislator Chang Ching-chung rammed the Cross-strait Services Trade Agreement (CSSTA) through the legislative body in a scant 30 seconds to cap off party’s ‘black box’ strategy in handling the trade agreement. In contrast, a simple matter like Huang’s resignation has been held up for more than a week and a half, said Chiu, pointing up the unbalanced mindset that lies behind the KMT’s priorities in handling government affairs.

A senior party official claimed a couple of days ago that Huang's resignation was being processed by the Minister of Justice. Queried Tuesday about the status of the request, Justice Minister Lo Ying-shay said the resignation had been "referred to the Executive Yuan and the President’s Office, but so far there has been no response." Insiders in the Justice Ministry suspect the Ma Administration will simply sit on the paperwork for another two weeks or so until Huang’s current term of office runs its course on April 18.

When a reporter called the High Prosecutors Office Tuesday to inquire about Huang Shih-ming official agenda for the near future, the reply was “We cannot answer that." A similar call Monday night got the response, “Prosecutor Attorney-General Huang Shih-ming and aides are presently in a meeting, and we do not know when it will end,"

Huang’s attorney Luo Ming-tung said Tuesday that the Prosecutor-General will appeal his case to a higher court in hopes of overturning the conviction. Meanwhile Huang continues to go to work as before and could very well continue to do so until his term in office runs out.

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