Legislative Speaker asks for efforts from all sides
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-04-04 04:30 PM
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng said Friday that finding a resolution of the occupation of the Legislative Yuan by students would need more efforts from all sides.

His statement came after the ruling Kuomintang reportedly began taking a harder line toward the students who have been occupying the Legislature since March 18 in a protest against the aborted review of the trade-in-services pact with China. On Thursday, the KMT called on Wang to assist the students in leaving the building.

He reacted Friday by playing down media reports that he was prepared to accept advance notification from police to remove the protesters from the main chamber of the Legislative Yuan. The question was whether or not Wang needed to give his approval before police could act against the occupiers or an evacuation could go ahead after a mere notification of the legislative speaker.

There was a proposal to hold full meetings of the Legislature at a large room on the ninth floor if the occupation continued, but the opposition Democratic Progressive Party and Taiwan Solidarity Union opposed the move, so Wang said more effort was still needed.

Solving the confrontation at the Legislature was not a unilateral problem, but needed more effort from all sides, including from himself, Wang told reporters.

The DPP accused the ruling party of trying to pin all the blame for the stalemate on the opposition and of framing the legislative speaker.

Interior Minister Chen Wei-zen said the police would respect the views of the Legislative Yuan when handling cases inside the assembly. Lines of communication had been established between the National Police Agency and the leadership of the Legislature in order to discuss internal matters, Chen said.

If there was a need to handle a situation, the Legislative Yuan could actively request the police to intervene, according to the minister.

Education Minister Chiang Wei-ling showed up close to the Legislative Yuan building early Friday morning, but he refused to answer questions from reporters. Chiang might have tried to open discussions with the occupiers and asked them to leave, reports said. The ministry said he only walked over out of concern for the students’ health.

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