Terry Gou cancels Legislature visit but hopes to talk with students
Central News Agency
2014-04-05 09:31 PM
Taipei, March 5 (CNA) Terry Gou, one of Taiwan's most successful businessmen, canceled his plans Saturday to talk with student protesters at the Legislative Yuan because their opinions on meeting him "seem divided," according to a lawmaker close to him. Kuomintang lawmaker Lu Chia-chen said the founder of iPhone assembler Foxconn still wishes, however, that he can "have the honor of helping the students resolve this problem," a reference to their strong opposition to the trade-in-services pact with China. The announcement follows protest leader Lin Fei-fan's comments earlier in the day that they had "no plans" to invite Gou to visit the Legislative Yuan's main chamber, which they have occupied since March 18, but welcomed him to join a "people's assembly" going on outside the complex. The Black Island Youth Front, an organization behind the occupation movement, issued a statement saying that it neither invited nor declined Gou's visit, but adding that all citizens are welcome to take part in what it calls "deliberative democracy." Despite students' worries over the direction Taiwan is heading, Gou has confidence in its future, Lu said, which he hopes to share with them. The business tycoon wants to listen to protesters' opinions and figure out why they have different outlooks, Lu added. The student-led protesters oppose the way the government and lawmakers have handled Taiwan's trade-in-services accord with China, under which the two sides would open the doors to their respective services sectors. It was signed in June last year but has not been ratified due to ongoing disagreement between lawmakers and public concern that local businesses and workers will be hurt by Chinese competition. (By Yuris Ku and Elizabeth Hsu)
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