Economics minister to promote trade pact with China at universities
Central News Agency
2014-04-06 02:14 PM
Taipei, April 6 (CNA) Economics Minister Chang Chia-juch will promote Taiwan's trade pact with China at National Tsing Hua University and National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu City on April 7 and 9. The minister will exchange views on the pact with students at a forum at each university, according to economics officials. Since students occupied the main chamber of the legislative Yuan in Taiepi on March 18 to protest the pact, economics officials have sought to defend the trade-in-services pact with China and have promoted it at different schools, saying the pact is vital to the island's economic integration into the region. The campaign was begun by Chang's lieutenant, Deputy Economics Minister Woody Tyzz-jiun on March 31, when he delivered a speech at National Chengchi University in Taipei and National Taipei University in New Taipei to explain the necessity of the pact. In addition to the forum at Tsing Hua Univesity and Chiao Tung University, economics officials are scheduled to give eight other presentations at universities in northern Taiwan before April 10, in a bid to woo students to support the pact. The officials said they offered to give presentations on the pact at different schools since August last year, but only 18 of the 454 university departments contacted by them have scheduled presentations. The pact, however, has become a controversial issue on the island since protesters began occupying the Legislature to seek its being nullified. (By Huang Chiao-wen and Maubo Chang)
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