MediaTek 8-core chip penetrates India
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-04-07 12:01 PM
MediaTek’s (2454) 8-core smart phone chip has scored another victory! After MediaTek successfully supplied a major mainland mobile phone manufacturer, local Indian mobile phone player Micromax has also introduced a high-end smart phone called the Canvas Knight A350 powered by MediaTek’s 8-core chip. This represents an important breakthrough in MediaTek’s advance into the Indian market, according to the media.

The Indian mobile market is currently in a transitional stage between feature phones and smart phones. Market research agencies estimate that the scale of India’s mobile phone market this year is approximately 900 million units. Inexpensive yet high specifications will be a major key in deciding the penetration of smart phones. India will also become the next important battleground for major smart phone manufacturers following the Chinese market.

Since the enormous potential of India’s market is very attractive, inexpensive high specification mobile phone manufacturers are all aggressively advancing on India. Ranked behind Samsung in market share, local brand Micromax is also showing strong ambitions. Micromax not only continues to promote the development of its bread and butter combination of low cost mobile phones and tablets, last year it introduced a new secondary brand called Canvas for the mid-high end market. Micromax is even expanding into markets outside India including Europe and other emerging countries.

Recently, Micromax reached number two in market share behind Samsung with 20% of the Indian mobile phone market. Forbes Magazine India named it the “ZARA of the smart phone sector. After renowned mainland brand Xiaomi announced its entry into the Indian market, industry critics went so far as to take the position that Xiaomi will have difficulties breaking through the local “Micromax barrier.” This is a sign that Micromax’s status in India cannot be underestimated.

With the growth of Micromax’s brand momentum, it has aggressively developed toward high-end, high specification, and overseas markets. In March of this year, Micromax released its new Canvas Knight A350 smart phone at a price of INR 19,999, the highest of all its models. This clearly demonstrates Micromax’s determination to increase market share.

It was pointed out that many Micromax models are equipped with MediaTek smart phone chips and MediaTek has received much attention due to Micromax’s chip utilization. MediaTek has made its presence felt in the Indian market through this partnership and its 8-core strategy will help its clients transcend the low cost segment to successfully position themselves in the mid-high end market.

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