Volunteers and funds sought to restore Legislative Yuan
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-04-09 09:51 AM
As members of the Sunflower movement packed up to leave the Legislative Yuan, legislators and concerned citizens began looking for people and resources to restore the Assembly Hall and meeting rooms to working order. With estimates of the repair bill running as high as NT$100 million, a “318 Repair the Legislative Yuan" committee has been formed action to recruit a thousand volunteers to help with the cleanup and repair work and a detailed budget laying out work orders and cost estimates is being assembled to avoid any chance of graft in carrying out repairs.

The Legislative Yuan's annual repair budget and a second reserve fund have been found to woefully inadequate to cover the costs of restoration, and Wang Jin-pyng and aides are looking for other sources of labor and money. The speaker’s phone has been ringing off the hook with callers warning that hard-earned funds of the people cannot be used to pay the bill.

Tuesday night one of Wang's aides revealed that an unnamed entrepreneur with deep pockets has promised to underwrite much of the cost if Wang will just ask him. The businessman said there should be no need to funnel taxpayers' money into the cleanup.

The 23-day occupation by students has left its mark in the Assembly Hall with desk microphones torn out, chairs piled against the main entrance and vote stations in ruins throughout the chamber. Most of the trappings in each legislator’s position will need to be replaced, and even the wooden gavel used to open and close meetings and signal decisions has gone missing.

Preliminary estimates indicate that a number of microphones and loudspeakers will need to be replaced while curtains, windows, glass panels and door locks have suffered damage and many chairs must be tightened and cleaned up. Some fluorescent lamps are broken and metal parts have been scratched, and sections of the stucco walls are marked with graffiti and need to be washed and restored.

Internet netizens have been working frenetically for a couple of days to set up a "318 Repair the Legislative Yuan" corps of volunteers. Mobilizing under the theme of "You protected democracy, we will fix the Legislative Yuan," the movement is recruiting volunteers including architects, technicians , plumbers and electricians to help with the job of cleaning up and repairing the Assembly Hall in short order.

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