Legal, medical workers eyeing violence against students
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-04-09 12:04 PM
Taiwan’s legal and medical communities have responded to comments by members of the judiciary that students may be prosecuted for violent behavior during their occupation of the Legislative Yuan by coming forth and saying they will investigate reports of violence by law enforcement officials on the scene.

More than a hundred lawyers and legal consultants have already expressed a desire to help the lawyers of students being investigated by government authorities regarding violence in the forceful eviction of protesters from the Executive Yuan, and now more than 1300 health care workers, medical school students and teachers have signed a petition in less than three days condemning state agencies for resorting to physical force and violence in removing students and supporters. Many say protesters who offered no resistance to the police action were beaten and injured during the eviction.

The statement points out that Taiwan's "Doctors Act" stipulates that physicians and health workers must treat critically ill or injured patients to the best of their professional ability and without undue delay. It notes that on the morning of March 24, police suddenly began forcibly removing protesters by systematic handcuffing and other rough treatment, often with medical personnel right in the middle of the action. Police even cheered and applauded their comrades in removing the protesters, leaving the medical staff incredulous and disturbed.

The statement stressed that the medical community is collecting evidence of violence in line with the Code of Criminal Procedure. The group hopes to help establish who ordered the police crackdown and determine who should bear criminal liability for the violence.

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