Students protest outside TV station
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-04-09 02:50 PM
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Supporters of the students occupying the Legislative Yuan on Wednesday showed up outside the offices of the Want Want China Times Group to protest against its coverage.

The students, who oppose the trade-in-services pact with China have been staying at the Legislature since March 18 but plan to withdraw Thursday evening. A new group associated with the occupiers, the Free Taiwan Front, announced it would march by the media group because of its biased coverage about the movement.

The anger at the company found its origin in a talk show on its CTiTV cable station which made allegedly sexist remarks about the clothing of a businesswoman participating in the protests.

Police and security guards set up barriers and barbed wire in front of the building, while staff also hung out banners reading “Protect Freedom of the Press” and “Refuse the Black Terror,” a reference to the black clothing often worn by the students and their sympathizers.

An estimated 200 police officers stood outside the TV station while another 100 apparent members of staff were ready with loudspeakers and with placards showing similar slogans. The protesters, some of them brandishing sunflowers, the symbol of the occupation, shouted back.

Want Want China Times Group Chairman Tsai Eng-meng has in the past been criticized for his sharply pro-China opinions and for his willingness to influence the content of his TV programs and newspapers. When it was revealed in 2012 that he was among the potential buyers for the Taiwanese operations of the Next Media Group, a protest movement arose demanding measures against the threat of media monopolization.

The organizer of Wednesday’s protest, Liu Ching-wen, hailed from the anti-monopolization movement.

The protest, which was designed as a march to avoid being banned, would also take participants past the office of Kuomintang lawmaker Alex Tsai, a critic of the occupation but no relative of the China Times chief.

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