Kaohsiung lawyers to assist students with legal issues
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-04-10 11:47 AM
15 volunteer lawyers arrived from Kaohsiung Wednesday to meet with members of the Sunflower student movement and assist them in negotiating the legal minefield that some will face in the coming weeks. The lawyers began by issuing a statement calling for government authorities not to resort to reprisals in handling the actions of the students. They expressed their solidarity with the students and encouraged them to come forward if they need assistance or advice.

The team of 15 lawyers is led by Kaohsiung City Councilor Lien Li-chien and includes two other city councilors, Kang Yu-cheng and Lin Ying-jung. Lien noted that while the student protesters are set to disperse, their problems will not automatically evaporate He said the state machine must not be allowed to crush the student s or their supporters for acting on their own beliefs in democracy and freedom of speech. He noted that the students were remarkably disciplined and did not resort to sabotage or violent attacks, and they need to be protected from judicial intimidation.

Lien pointed out that unlike volunteer lawyers from the Taipei area who have provided comprehensive and emergency assistance throughout the occupation, the Kaohsiung group wants to help students from Kaohsiung or other areas of southern Taiwan on a long-term basis.

Lin Ying-jung added that all people are equal before the law and the students in the movement stood up and were willing to make sacrifices for their beliefs. She urged officials not to clamp down on the young protesters for having the courage to struggle for freedom of speech and the right to express their beliefs.

The lawyers noted that as long as the participants were reasonable in their actions and opinions while participating in the student movement and did not commit any vicious or violent crimes, they should have nothing to fear from police or investigators. They pledged to use their professional expertise to help deal with the relevant judicial cases, saying they will support the students to the end with their legal problems.

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