Blues, Greens tussle over visit to Legislative Yuan by Premier
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-04-13 08:58 PM
The students have withdrawn and things look set to return to ‘normal’ at the Legislative Yuan. How soon that ‘normal’ will mean more pushing and shoving remains to be seen, but one good indication will come this week as the Program Committee meets Tuesday to consider a visit by Premier Jang Yi-huah for an interpellation session. KMT legislators are ready to get back in the swing of things, but the Green Camp is reluctant to get underway until after a meeting of party leaders set for Monday.

Similarly, while the ruling and opposition camps agree on the need to study the CSSTA trade agreement, the Blues are pressing for "immediate delivery" to the Home Affairs Committee to review the case, and KMT legislator Chang Ching-Chung is chafing to put it on the docket early this week.

The DPP, however, does not want to miss an opportunity for "reconsideration,” which according to regulations would bring it up for review on Friday at the earliest.

Whether Premier Jiang will make an appearance this week before the legislators, and whether other matters can be placed on the agenda could depend largely on how effective the Green Camp’s "reconsideration strategy" turns out to be.

One legislator notes that while the Constitution requires that the Executive Yuan present an overview of its proposed policy objectives to the Legislative Yuan, it does not specify how the interpellation part of the visit is to be handled.

With the Legislative Yuan ready to return to formal operations, five more interpellation sessions still need to be carried out, and if Premier Jiang can appear before the legislators without a hitch Friday, the earliest that discussions could begin would be in early May.

KMT Central Policy Committee CEO Lin Hung-chih said the Program Committee would meet Tuesday to decide Friday’s agenda, noting that the committee will “schedule what needs to be scheduled” and get the Premier’s appearance out of the way as quickly as possible. This would minimize the possibility of delaying processing of the Citizens Act. If any changes are to be made in the topics of discussion, he said, that should be done through bilateral discussions.

DPP caucus Secretary General Kao Chih-peng said he will open the session Monday by calling for a decision on whether Premier Jiang should appear on Friday. Wu Bingrui, the caucus secretary, stressed that the DPP has already proposed reconsideration, which is tantamount to saying nothing needs to be discussed. He said that if the KMT still insists on opening a public hearing on Monday, the DPP will launch an all-out boycott

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