Sean Lien camp terms Ting Shou-chung ‘ungrateful’ for comment
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-04-14 05:38 PM
Sean Lien was busy manning a phone line Monday at his campaign headquarters in the Zhongzheng District of Taipei as the KMT Taipei mayoral poll approached. Lien called up party members to offer his personal greetings and express his hopes for their support in the evening poll. Lien brushed off questions about rumors that legislator Ting Shou-chung was being pressured to withdraw from the election, saying that whether Ting took part in the poll or not is not the issue. He mused, "A person must be capable of friendship and basic morality. Someone who has been close to me should not find it easier to turn away than turning the pages of a book," implying his feeling that he had been betrayed by Ting.

Ting Yuan-chao, Lien’s office manager, explains that Lien was furious over a remark from Ting Shou-chung that the business and political relationships of the Lien family were “very complicated”. Ting Yuan-chao called Ting Shou-chung’s comments "ungrateful," and the legislator responded by posting a message on his Facebook page saying, "Chairman Lien (Chan) is my teacher and elder, and Sean Lien is like a brother to me. I have been respectful and polite throughout this campaign and have never said anything vindictive. I have only talked about policy. But certain factions have tried to pressure me to withdraw from the race and do nothing, as if not withdrawing would be ungrateful."

After Ting’s Facebook message appeared, Sean Lien told a reporter that his campaign would not use negative comments or disinformation to comrades in the party as part of the election campaign. Lien noted, "The more they do this kind of thing, the more it seems they are worried about the poll. The fact that we ourselves are not doing things like this shows that we are more confident about our chances."

Sean Lien also shot back at announced independent candidate Ko Wen-Je, who described a list of advisors released by Lien’s officers as "recycled waste." Lien countered that any person who has worked in the public sector has been involved in nation-building and has plenty of experience that can be utilized. "Regardless of what their profession,” said Lien, “as long as they have made a contribution to the country, we should listen to their views on the city, and we can certainly use what they have to offer."

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