DPP to support Lin Yi-hsiung anti-nuclear power plant fast
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-04-16 01:55 PM
DPP spokesman Xaver Chang announced Tuesday night that the party is planning a series of events to protest the continued construction of Taiwan’s 4th Nuclear Power Plant and show its solidarity with former party chair Lin Yi-hsiung and his decision to begin a protest fast April 22.

Chang noted that the idea of a nuclear-free homeland is an integral part of the DPP’s party platform, emphasizing that the proposition is “written in black and white” and “a part of DPP's DNA.” He added that Lin’s frequent calls to halt construction are very much in keeping with mainstream public opinion in Taiwan and criticized the Ma administration for its ignorance of the majority opinion and its bullying tactics to keep construction on the power plant going despite ongoing protests and legal actions. .

Chang told reporters that the DPP Central Standing Committee will meet Thursday to discuss the nuclear power plant issue and Lin’s planned fast. DPP Chairman Su Tseng-chang has said repeatedly that "ending construction of the fourth nuclear power plant is one of the party’s three major tasks for 2014.” Chang said Thursday’s meeting will look for specific programs of action to call attention to the government’s disregard for the opinion of the public on the nuclear power issue and to help ensure that construction on the plant will be successfully brought to a halt during the coming year.

Lin had originally intended to begin his fast on March 24 but put his plans on hold when the Sunflower movement suddenly erupted on March 18 as students occupied the Legislative Yuan. Lin eventually went to the protest site on March 29 and was warmly greeted by Lin Fei-fan, one of the leaders of the movement. Lin Yi-hsiung remained with the protesters for almost two weeks, chatting with students and emerging only on April 11 after student leaders called for a halt.

Lin posted a message on his Facebook site explaining the reasoning behind his decision to stage a fast in protest of the nuclear power plant. Lin argued, “If If the vast majority of leaders in the country advocate halting construction of the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant yet the administration continues to build it, then our democratic process has lost its power to function normally. And if the democratic system is ineffective it cannot protect us from bullying and the people will be less willing to stand up and face internal and external challenges.”

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