Ko, Koo showdown seen in Greens’ Taipei mayor race
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-04-17 10:47 AM
The DPP’s 2014 Election Strategy Group decided Wednesday to implement a two-stage poll to select its candidate in the election for Taipei City mayor. An. Informed source explains that the recent Sunflowers student movement led to a rise in momentum for the campaign of lawyer Wellington Koo while NTU Trauma Department head Ko Wen-je appears to have been marginalized by the protest action. Koo’s apparent improvement indicates that he may be the most likely candidate to face Ko in the second phase of polling to find a candidate for the Greens in the year-end election.

DPP spokesman Lin Chun-;hsien noted that the first phase of polling will be held three weeks after the meeting of the DPP Central Executive Committee. The first-stage poll will determine a candidate from the list of official applicants in a process similar to that being followed by the KMT to select its Taipei mayoral candidate.

After that, however, the DPP will poll party members to gauge their opinion of the party candidate against a group of other potential candidates for the opposition including Ko Wen-je and author Neil Peng. The poll will cover areas such as candidates’ value systems, policy objectives, cooperation in campaigns, competitive ability and coordination techniques and should be completed within a month.

Lin said that if all goes as planned the party should have an integrated candidate for the mayor’s contest by mid-June.DPP Chairman Su Tseng-chang had earlier said a candidate would be selected by the end of April, but the Sunflowers student movement and its burdens on routine government business caused a delay of more than a month.

Lin noted that some candidates hopeful of being nominated by the party felt that the original one-stage polling process was unfair. Thus the strategy committee met to discuss alternative approaches, finally deciding on the two-stage poll option.

Informed sources point out that using a two-stage approach will avoid the possibility of diluting preferences for party members by choosing one ‘internal’ candidate to go up against ‘outsiders’ in the second phase of polling. The surge in support for Wellington Koo raises the prospect that he and Ko Wen-je could wind up facing off as the leading candidates in the second stage in a couple of months.

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