DPP shows support for Yu Shyi-kun in New Taipei City
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-04-20 05:49 PM
DPP heavyweights were out in force Saturday night in New Taipei City as the party showed its support for former party chairman Yu Shyi-kun's bid to wrest that city’s mayor’s office from the KMT. Current chairman Su Tseng-chang, former chairman Tsai Ing-wen, former Premier Frank Hsieh and other leaders in the party all put in appearances at a fundraising dinner for Yu, showing unity and the party’s determination to win under a strategy entitled, "United for Victory, Starting with New Taipei City.”

Su ribbed Yu over his age, saying he might be a bit too old if you’re looking for someone to run up into the mountains and fell trees or to shift cargo around at dockside. If what you want is someone with experience, however, said Su, then Yu is your man. He pointed to Yu’s experience as Ilan County magistrate, where he oversaw completion of the Yuan-shan-tsu Flood Diversion Channel as well as the Hsueh-shan Tunnel linking Taipei and Ilan during his term. Su said this and other achievements in office make Yu the best candidate for mayor of New Taipei City and urged all party members to give him their full support.

Tsai Ing-wen added that Yu served as her campaign chairman when she ran for mayor of New Taipei City in 2010. She said she was able to garner more than a million votes in that campaign, and predicted that with her and the rest of the party behind Yu this time around, even more voters will cast their ballots for Yu.

Hsieh downplayed any doubts that people may have about the DPP over its difficulties with the election of a party chairman. He noted that he and Su and Tsai were all present at the event to demonstrate the spirit of unity in the DPP and their strong support of Yu Shyi-kun for mayor of New Taipei City.

Yu then took the podium to say that many people have asked him, "You have served as premier in the past, why do you want to be mayor of New Taipei City?" He admitted that the question gave him pause, but then recounted his thoughts during the recent Sunflowers student movement and occupation of the Legislative Yuan. He recalled his own dedication and determination as a youth during the martial law era. He said he joined the protests and political actions in defiance of the KMT and government in order to find a way forward for Taiwan and democracy in the future.

Yu pointed out that his generation was the one that broke through the barriers of martial law in Taiwan, creating a new political party in Taiwan and bringing about the original “generational change” on the island. He said some have advised that he should recognize that he has fought the good fight and retire, passing the baton to others younger than him. But with many urban issues facing the cities of Taiwan, he said, it is essential to seek inter-generational cooperation and use the experience of older leaders to solve problems one by one. He said he wants to turn New Taipei City into a model of urban governance that other cities can study and emulate. This, he said, is where hope lies in the future for Taiwan.

Yu said the election in New Taipei City will see "a fusion of various Taiwanese generations, working together to create a new generation of opportunity." He vowed to serve as an integrator of generations so that members of the younger generation will have a chance to move upward and forward. He told his supporters, "I will use my lifetime of experience to change New Taipei City for the better."

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