BC-AP News Coverage Advisory
Associated Press
2014-04-22 11:22 PM

Here's a look at how AP's general news coverage is shaping up today. Some plans are subject to change


Among today's coverage highlights as we see them at 1600 GMT:

-- UKRAINE (sent; developing)

-- SKOREA-SHIP SINKING-PROFILES (sent; will be developed over time)

-- SOUTH SUDAN-VIOLENCE (sent; developing)


-- SUPREME COURT-TV ON THE INTERNET (sent; developing)

-- OBAMA (sent; developing)

-- MAN UNITED-MOYES (sent; developing)





VIDEO: AEREO_SUPREME_COURT (sent; with text); BIDEN-UKRAINE-VOX (sent; with text)

Here are details of those stories, plus others we have in the works for today and notable pieces that we sent in the past 10 hours:


UKRAINE - Biden warns Russia that "it's time to stop talking and start acting" to reduce tension in Ukraine. In the most high-level visit of a U.S. official since the crisis erupted, Biden also announces the U.S. will provide an additional $50 million to help Ukraine's beleaguered government with political and economic reforms. SENT: 700 words. UPCOMING: Updates with developments, time uncertain. 750 words by 1600 GMT, photos, video.

UKRAINE-TWO MAYORS - The Ukrainian city of Slovyansk has two mayors: the elected mayor Nelya Sherpa, who disappeared after speaking out against Russian support for the armed men now controlling city hall, and the self-appointed Vyacheslav Ponomaryov, the head of a textile plant who has taken charge and appealed to Putin to send in "peacekeeping" troops. UPCOMING: 900 words, photos, by 2100 GMT.

SKOREA-SHIP SINKING - For a moment there is silence in the tent where bodies from the ferry disaster are brought for identification. Then the anguished cries begin. After not knowing the truth for days, their family members now sound like they're being torn apart. The toll has reached 113 dead, with about 190 people still missing. SENT: 1,100 words, photos, video.

SKOREA-SHIP SINKING-EMBATTLED CREW - As a South Korean ferry sank, crew members gave their lifejackets to passengers. One refused to leave until she shepherded students off the boat, and was later found dead. SENT: 970 words, photos.

SKOREA-SHIP SINKING-PROFILES - Among the 302 people dead or missing in last week's South Korean ferry disaster, there are a multitude of stories. Here are just a few. SENT: 1,340 words, photos.

SOUTH SUDAN-VIOLENCE - The U.N.'s top humanitarian official in South Sudan says he saw "piles and piles" of bodies after rebels belonging to one ethnic group slaughtered members of other groups in a remote town. SENT: 580 words. UPCOMING: Developing; seeking photos and video.

NIGERIA-KIDNAPPED GIRLS - A week after Islamic extremists stormed a remote boarding school in northeast Nigeria, more than 200 girls and young women remain missing despite a "hot pursuit" by security forces and an independent search by desperate fathers who headed into a dangerous forest to find their daughters. SENT: 900 words.

NATO-BALTIC DEPLOYMENT - Five NATO mine-hunting ships set off Tuesday on a deployment in the Baltic Sea, part of the alliance's efforts to strengthen its presence in Europe's ex-communist east as members there worry about Russia's intentions in Ukraine. SENT: 230 words.

ASIA-OBAMA VISIT - Obama's travels through Asia in coming days aim to reassure partners about the renewed U.S. commitment to the region, with an eye both to China's rising assertiveness and the fast-growing markets that are the center of gravity for global growth. The question: Will it be enough? SENT: 1,160 words.

SYRIA-HOMS LAST STAND - Weakened Syrian rebels are making their last desperate stand in Homs, as government forces launch their harshest assault yet to expel them from the central city. SENT: 1,000 words, photos.

POLAND-FADING JOHN PAUL -Days before John Paul II is to be declared a saint, many of his countrymen are greeting the landmark with little more than a shrug. SENT: 730 words, photos.

NEPAL-EVEREST AVALANCHE - Nepal agreed Tuesday to set up a relief fund for Sherpas who are killed or injured in climbing accidents, one of several key concessions to the mountain guides after Mount Everest's deadliest disaster. SENT: 380 words

NEPAL-EVEREST'S ICEFALL - On Everest, everybody knows that the Icefall is dangerous. They've known it for generations, since the first great Everest mountaineer, George Mallory, turned away from the Khumbu Icefall in 1921, insisting it was impossible to pass. SENT: 860 words.

MALAYSIA-PLANE - An air search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet is suspended for a day due to stormy weather as the painstakingly slow sonar scanning of the targeted patch of seabed continued. SENT: 430 words, photos.

CHINA-NAVIES MEET - Naval officials from the U.S. and two dozen Asia-Pacific nations adopted an agreement Tuesday aimed at improving communication at sea to reduce the possibility of conflict amid rising friction between an increasingly assertive China and its neighbors. SENT: 810 words, photos.

IRAN - Several Iranian lawmakers on Tuesday demanded a probe into alleged beatings of political prisoners held at Tehran's Evin prison, the official IRNA news agency reported. SENT: 380 words.

UGANDA-LRA - troops captured a junior commander with the Lord's Resistance Army and rescued 10 people, mostly children, abducted by the rebels, Uganda's military said Tuesday. SENT: 400 words, photo.

SPAIN-PUEBLO-NAME CHANGE - The tiny Spanish village of Castrillo Matajudios, whose second name means "Kill Jews," will hold a referendum next month to decide if it should change the name that offends outsiders and embarrasses some residents. SENT: 300 words.


SUPREME COURT - AFFIRMATIVE ACTION - Supreme Court upholds Michigan's ban on affirmative action in college admissions. SENT: NewsAlert. UPCOMING: 130 words by 10:20 a.m. and developing from there.

SUPREME COURT-TV ON THE INTERNET - The Supreme Court is taking up a dispute between broadcasters and an Internet startup company that has the potential to bring big changes to the television industry. SENT: 580 words, photo, video. UPCOMING: Developments from oral arguments, expected to end by 1900 GMT, 750 words by 2030 GMT, photo.


PAUL-2016 - Rand Paul sits down with David Axelrod for a Q&A at University of Chicago on Tuesday afternoon, sure to prompt some lively discussion, if not sparks. UPCOMING: 700 words, photos.

ELIZABETH WARREN-2016 - Sen. Elizabeth Warren is insisting she isn't running for president in 2016. SENT: 130 words.


OBAMA - En route to Asia, Obama visits Washington state to survey mudslide damage that killed dozens in the small town of Oso. He will also meet with victims, emergency responders and recovery workers. SENT: 320 words. UPCOMING: Developing from 2130 GMT tour and 2250 GMT remarks, 600 words by 2200 GMT, 700 words by 0 GMT, photos.

CUBAN TWITTER-ROOTS OF HOPE - Leaders with the largest nonprofit organization for young Cuban-Americans quietly provided strategic support for the federal government's secret "Cuban Twitter" program, The Associated Press has learned. SENT: 1,200 words, photos.

CALIFORNIA-RACIAL POLITICS - It's been nearly 20 years since California became the first state to ban the use of race and ethnicity in college admissions, but a proposal to allow voters to restore affirmative action at public universities has reignited a debate that many believed was long settled. UPCOMING: 850 words, photos

ARCHAEOLOGY DRONES - Recently published research describes how archaeologists outfitted a customized drone with a heat-sensing camera to unearth what they believe are ceremonial pits and other features at the site of an ancient village in New Mexico. SENT: 780 words.

FEDERAL COURTHOUSE SHOOTING-UTAH - When Utah's new federal courthouse opened last week, it came with security improvements that are becoming standard around the country. But nothing can prevent every violent courtroom outburst. SENT: 850 words, photos, video.

NYC CARRIAGE HORSES NEW YORK - Mayor Bill de Blasio is pulling back the reins on his plans to quickly get rid of New York City's horse-drawn carriage industry, stung by a recent outpouring of support for the colorful coaches that have clip-clopped their way through Central Park for more than 150 years. SENT: 500 words, photos.

FLORIDA EXECUTION - A man convicted of killing his cousin and cousin's wife to prevent him from testifying in a burglary case is scheduled to be executed Wednesday. UPCOMING: 500 words, photo.

GEORGIA-MALL SHOOTING - After a shooting at a mall in suburban Atlanta, the victim died of her injuries and the suspect apparently killed himself, police said Tuesday. SENT: 250 words.

SOUTH SUDAN-VIOLENCE - The U.N.'s top humanitarian official in South Sudan says he saw "piles and piles" of bodies after rebels belonging to one ethnic group slaughtered members of other groups in a remote town. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Developing.


BIG DRUG DEALS - A flurry of multibillion-dollar drug deals and takeover battles will change the landscape of the global drug industry. The companies are eager to add profitable branded drugs and specialty pharmaceuticals that command high prices, as the standby moneymakers such as Lipitor have lost patent protection and are no longer the cash machines they once were. UPCOMING: 800 words by 2200 GMT.


-- SWITZERLAND-NOVARTIS -- Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis AG announces a series of multibillion-dollar deals with other major pharmaceutical companies that it says would reduce sales but boost profitability, while affecting some 15,000 of its employees globally. SENT: 420 words.

-- ALLERGAN-VALEANT -- Valeant Pharmaceuticals and activist investor Bill Ackman have unveiled details of their offer to buy Botox maker Allergan, proposing a cash-and-stock deal that could be worth about $45 billion. SENT: 500 words.

GM-LAWSUITS - General Motors Co. files suit in a U.S. bankruptcy court asking a judge to protect the company from legal claims for actions that took place before it emerged from bankruptcy in 2009. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Developing.

CHINA-TESLA -- Tesla Motors Inc. delivers its first eight electric sedans to customers in China and CEO Elon Musk says the company will build a nationwide network of charging stations and service centers as fast as it can. SENT: 740 words.

CHINA-SHOE FACTORY STRIKE - Workers on strike at a Chinese factory owned by the world's largest maker of athletic shoes have rejected management's latest offer in an ongoing labor dispute that is crimping production for brands such as Nike and Adidas. SENT: 610 words.


GOOGLE GLASS-NON-PROFITS - Google has a challenge for U.S. nonprofits. On Tuesday, the tech giant is asking nonprofit groups to propose ideas for how to use the Web-connected eyewear Google Glass in their work. SENT: 130 words.


WRIGLEY - MAKING IT MODERN - Wrigley Field is on the cusp of adding a video scoreboard, worrying purists who fear it will sully one the last places where fans can simply focus on the game without the intrusion of modern electronics. But all around the 100-year-old stadium, the changes have already happened. UPCOMING: 850 words by 2000 GMT, photos. With BBN--WRIGLEY-VIGNETTES.

MAN UNITED-MOYES - David Moyes is fired as Manchester United manager, paying the price for the English club's spectacular and sudden decline in his 10 months in charge since replacing Alex Ferguson. SENT: 760 words, photos. UPCOMING: Developing on a number of fronts.

MAN UNITED-MOYES' MISERY - When Manchester United overlooked Jose Mourinho and chose David Moyes to be the successor to Alex Ferguson, it gambled on a manager without a winning mentality, experience of European football, and with no trophies on his resume. SENT: 740 words, photos.

- MAN UNITED-MOYES SUCCESSOR - 5 potential replacements for Moyes at Man United. SENT: 440 words, photos.

DOPING-BRUYNEEL - Armstrong coach Bruyneel banned for 10 years; 2 team staff get 8 years for doping conspiracy. SENT: 500 words, photos.


FOOD-MODERN FAMILY-RESTAURANT - Ty Burrell, the actor who plays the dad in ABC's "Modern Family," is opening a new restaurant in Salt Lake City along with up-and-coming chef Viet Pham. UPCOMING: 450 words by 1700 GMT, photos.


BOLLYWOOD OSCARS - WHY TAMPA - Macau, Singapore, London. Tampa? The International Indian Film Academy is holding its annual awards ceremony in Tampa. Here are some reasons. UPCOMING: 600 words, photos.

FILM-SUMMER PREVIEW - Hollywood's summer movies are lined up, ready for takeoff. UPCOMING: 950 words by 2000 GMT, photos.

--SUMMER PREVIEW-THE ROOKIE: Chris Pratt on landing the lead in Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy." UPCOMING: 350 words by 2000 GMT, photos.

--SUMMER PREVIEW-THE VETERAN: Michael Bay on rebooting "Transformers." UPCOMING: 350 words by 2000 GMT, photos.

FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT-WISCONSIN - Frank Lloyd Wright fans will get their first look at one of his most unusual buildings, an industrial tower with a treelike design, when home products giant SC Johnson opens its former research and development center to the public this spring in southeastern Wisconsin. UPCOMING: 850 words by noon, photos.

TV-BLACK BOX - ABC's brainy new medical drama "Black Box" dares viewers to imagine for themselves the cost-benefit ratio of addiction, and does it never taking a firm stand. SENT: 850 words, photos.

TV-DERBY-WEIR-&-LIPINSKI - NBC is adding Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski to its Kentucky Derby telecast as fashion correspondents next week. SENT: 600 words, photos.

MUSIC-COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME - The newest inductees into the Country Music Hall of Fame are announced. UPCOMING: 600 words by 1800 GMT, photos.

MUSIC-AWOLNATION - He has the second longest-running song in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. You've likely heard of the song -- though not the man who created it. UPCOMING: 800 words by 11 a.m., photos.

TV-Q&A-CAT DEELY - British-born and bred Cat Deeley found a place in Hollywood, hosting the Fox dance competition show, "So You Think You Can Dance," which begins its 11th season next month. Now Deely is starring in the new Hulu original comedy series "Deadbeat." UPCOMING: 600 words by 3 p.m., photos.

THEATER-SHEET-MUSIC-PIRACY - By now, some young musical theater fans have received an email from Stephen Schwartz asking them to stop illegally downloading sheet music from his shows. SENT: 750 words.

PEOPLE-BON JOVI -- Jon Bon Jovi will help cut the ribbon on a low-income housing development in Philadelphia that will bear his initials. UPCOMING: 250 words by 3 p.m., video.


SYRIA-HIKING TO SAFETY - As the late-day sun slipped behind the mountains in front of them, a ragtag group of Syrians desperate to flee their country's bloody civil war set off on their treacherous nighttime trek across the rugged frontier into neighboring Lebanon. SENT: 600 words, photos

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