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Annette Lu on the power pinch: Taiwan wastes too much electricity
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-04-24 11:23 AM
Currently in New York to promote a new book and meet overseas friends and supporters, former Vice President Annette Lu touched on the hunger strike being carried out by former DPP chairman Lin Yi-hsiung to protest construction of the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant. Lu ventured an opinion contrary to that of many in Taiwan, saying that the biggest problem with energy on the island is actually not that there may not be a sufficient supply of electricity in the future, but rather that the people of Taiwan waste too much electricity.

Lu is on a whirlwind two-week tour of the US to flog her new English autobiography My Fight for a New Taiwan and will appear at six colleges and universities and seven cities across the country, finishing up with a speech at Starbucks World Headquarters in Seattle.

In an interview conducted shortly after her arrival in New York, Lu noted that Lin Yi-hsiung is a highly respected personality who has chosen a very tragic way to demonstrate his staunch opposition to construction of a nuclear power plant that has many people deeply concerned. She stressed that the national consensus is that nuclear power is a dangerous option for Taiwan, and she hopes that President Ma Ying-jeou will listen to the voice of the people. Taiwan is not a large country, she said, and should an earthquake, tsunami or other situation affect one of its nuclear power plants, the people will have nowhere to run.

Lu also called on President Ma to open his eyes and realize that Lin Yi-hsiung is risking his life to show his opposition to nuclear power, and also to keep in mind the power of the Sunflower movement and its protests against government ineptitude and deception. She pointed out that there is no such thing as a truly safe nuclear power plant, saying that as long as there are nuclear power plants on Taiwan the island cannot be considered completely safe. In addition, she offered, many analyses show that the problem in Taiwan is not an insufficient supply of electricity: the real problem is that people in Taiwan waste too much electricity.

Turning to another subject, the former vice president noted that the Kuomintang just completed a long party primary to nominate its candidate for Taipei City mayor. She said the KMT campaign was rigorous and thorough, including extensive media coverage and a poll as well as balloting by party members to select the best candidate. In contrast, she remarked, the DPP hunt for a Taipei City mayoral candidate has been devoid of political ethics, and the current situation in which several outstanding figures who are ready to represent the party are being pitted against a non party member is tantamount to the party “shooting itself in the foot.”.

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