Premier: 4th nuclear plant is not abandoned
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-04-28 01:14 PM
Premier Jiang Yi-huah held a press conference Monday morning and stated that the government will halt the construction of the fourth nuclear power plant in Lungmen instead of abolishing it at the moment. Jiang said that the government optioned to leave this controversial issue to be decided by the next generation as a practical expedient before a consensus is reached.

Jiang also rebuked media reports that the government will spend another NT$40 billion to complete the construction before conducting inspection works and denied there is a timetable for Taipower company to place the fuel rods at the fourth nuclear power plant after its completion.

Jiang added that he understood that the public have safety concern over the ill-fated fourth nuclear power plant, but it is infeasible to scrap the rest of the existing nuclear power plants at the moment as it would tremendously affect Taiwan's energy supply in a negative way. He urged the public to rationally evaluate the country’s energy policy and the cost before making further decisions.

Jiang also explained that Taiwan's voter turnout rate and approval rate of 50% or higher in national referendum law is in line with the standards of many democracies with exception to the Switzerland and France of a lower threshold. He didn’t agree to set up special referendum regulations exclusive for the fourth nuclear power plant, saying it should be subject to the existing referendum law.

In addition, traffic mostly resumed to normal on Zhongxiao West Road in front of the Taipei Main Station Monday morning after the police disperse protesters with water cannons. Estimated as high as 50,000 protesters had occupied the road since Sunday afternoon and a few hundred refused to leave pass the midnight with demands for government to scrap the nearly completed fourth nuclear power plant and to lower the voter turnout threshold by amending the referendum law. According to the media report, some protesters simply withdrew to the sidewalk and the streets nearby.

Taiwan stock market plummeted over 100 points in early trading session as the Kuomingtan (KMT) resolved to mothball the number one nuclear reactor of the fourth nuclear power plant after the safety inspection and to halt construction of the number two reactor inside the plant.

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