DPP apologizes for disturbance at Ma’s mother’s funeral
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-05-05 01:58 PM
The DPP has apologized to President Ma Ying-jeou and members of his family for the disturbance caused by legislator Chen Ou-po during a funeral service for Ma’s mother Chin Hou-hsiu, who passed away Friday at the age of 93. Ma requested a simple, low key funeral with a minimum of ceremony, with the service to be held at 5:00am Sunday morning at a Taipei funeral parlor.

Chen arrived at 8:00am and immediately shocked mourners with an angry outburst. He hit out at Ma for not displaying a proper amount of grief, accusing him of being inhuman. He said no family member had come forth to greet him on his arrival at the site and there was no signature book for guests and no incense, and leveled other criticisms at Ma and his family, saying “the president should know more about ceremony.”

Funeral house staff hastily offered a blank signature book for Chen to sign. Chen signed the book, bowed to a photograph of Chin Hou-hsiu and promptly left.

The DPP was quick to deliver a reprimand to Chen, with party spokesperson Xavier Chang saying that the Ma family’s loss was very unfortunate. Chang added that party chairman Su Tseng-chang will pay tribute to the late family matriarch through Secretary-General Lin Hsi-yao of the Presidential Office and exhorted the Ma family to take care of themselves in this time of grief.

Chang noted that the party will issue a reprimand to Chen for his outburst, which he said came at a most unfortunate time. He expressed his deepest apologies to the family on behalf of all members of the DPP and said Chen’s actions will be reviewed by the DPP caucus in the Legislative Yuan to determine an appropriate to response to his behavior.

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