Lucky number for Ko Wen-je’s first campaign contribution
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-05-05 04:50 PM
NTUH trauma chief Ko Wen-je , who is on leave from the hospital to stage a run for mayor of Taipei City, announced Sunday that a physician friend is the first donor to his campaign fund. Ko noted that the amount of money contributed was NT$16,888, a sum which when read number by number is a homonym for the phrase, "All the way – go! go! go!"

Ko expressed his thanks for the contributor’s generosity and promised to keep the public informed of donations at appropriate times during his campaign.

Ke once said jokingly that he had hoped to conduct a campaign without any funds at all, but acknowledged that such a feat is impossible these days. He said the funds would go to hiring assistants to help with the many tasks involved in planning and carrying out events and publicity.

Ko noted that the latest poll results from Focus Survey Research put him one to two percentage points ahead of KMT candidate Sean Lien in the mayor’s race. He said he and Lien were very close in opinion polls at the moment and predicted that the margin of difference will still be very small by the end of the year.

The Focus Survey Research poll pegged support for Ko at 41.4% and for Lien at 40.2%, with 18.4% of respondents expressing no preference between the two.

Lawyer Wellington Koo, one of four hopefuls for the DPP nomination, surmised a few days ago that Ko’s standing the polls would suffer because of the effects of the Sunflower movement. Ko begged to disagree, however, saying that it was his understanding that the polls would show little effect from the student protest.

"This is a case of science, and it should be resolved in a scientific manner,” said Ko. He said in today’s world knowledge should put an end to rumor-monging, but unfortunately in many cases people are spreading rumors couched as knowledge. He challenged his opponents to present numbers and facts that support their claims and prove that what they are saying is true.

Koo said with a touch of exasperation that Ko was engaging in meaningless struggles with other candidates, noting that the party primaries are still well in the future and many details in the race will not be settled until the end of June.

Ko noted in a visit to the Yin Foo-sun Residence in Da-an District of Taipei Sunday, May 4, that the basic spirit of the May Fourth Movement was to promote democracy and science. He said Yin Foo-sun had embraced this spirit during the early postwar period in Taiwan, but his efforts only won him persecution, and even National Taiwan University was unable to protect him from the authoritarian regime of the time.

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