Control and Examination Yuan nominees younger, more women
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-05-07 10:42 AM
Chosen with an eye to the principles of gender and generation equality, the list of nominees for the Examination Yuan and Control Yuan brings a slight shift in the make-up of two of the five branches of the government. The addition of eight women brings the total of women in the two yuan to 20, and with the exception of the presidents and vice-presidents, all members are under the age of 67.

President Ma Ying-jeou noted recently that the Examination Yuan and Control Yuan are the highest monitoring bodies in the national government with key powers of impeachment, censure and auditing. Thus members of the two yuan must be above partisanship and ideology and able to disregard irrelevant and political factors in making decisions. The sole standard for all members, said Ma, must be to do what is best for the country.

Ma pointed out that the Examination Yuan is a very distinct organ among governments around the world. It oversees examinations conducted nationally including those administered for personnel in the civil service and other systems. This is a serious responsibility, said Ma, and examinations are a critical part of the nation’s traditions. Thus the membership must be totally fair and impartial in carrying out their duties.

A representative of the Presidential Office told reporters Tuesday that in line with the urge to achieve gender equality, eight women were included in the new list of members of the Examination Yuan, up from the previous five and raising the percentage of women members from 26% to 42%. In the Control Yuan the number of women members was raised from seven to twelve, hiking the percentage of women in the total membership from 24% to 41%.

The two yuans also present a slightly younger look than before, with the average age in the Examination Yuan now 60.5 years old while in the Control Yuan the average age is 62.7. In addition, to ensure a steady flow of talent in the two branches of government, the latest group of nominees does not include anyone who has already served more than two consecutive terms.

The term for Control Yuan members expires July 31, while members of the Examination Yuan will serve until August 31. The Legislative Yuan is expected to review the new lists of nominees for approval during the current legislative session.

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