Shihlin Paper to ask shareholders to halt plant production
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-05-07 09:20 PM

In order to mitigate losses, Shihlin Paper Corporation (1903) announced a plan Tuesday that it will let its shareholder’s meeting in June to decide the fate of its Yong’an plant, the main production line of the company. According to company’s statement, Yong’an plant’s capacity and output for the last three years after production cuts was 127,131 tons in 2011, 122,077 tons in 2012, and 114,022 tons in 2013 respectively.

Shihlin Paper’s general manager Chen chien-kun said at a press conference that the company is seeking to invigorate the land asset and maximize the management efficiency instead of unevenly spending on renovating facility at Yong’an plant to sustain the operation of the company.

Through a board resolution, the plan to gradually halt production at the Yong’an plant will be submitted to the shareholder’s meeting for discussion. With regard to the time frame and related measures of production termination, the shareholder’s meeting will authorize the board to deliberate and implement according to relevant laws.

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