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United Daily News: A dangerous mind
Central News Agency
2014-05-23 11:46 AM
A 21-year-old college student, who looked just like a normal youth, stabbed four passengers to death and injured 24 others on a Taipei metro train Wednesday. Cheng Chieh's dangerous mind was hidden by his calm appearance, while his sociopathic personality was concealed by his identity as an undergraduate. The reason behind the random killings remains a mystery. Did Cheng simply want to "do something big" as he claimed? Or was he influenced by the violent computer games with which he was obsessed? One of the main traits of a sociopathic personality is the lack of guilt, as seen in the case of Cheng, who showed no remorse after his arrest. More worrisome though is the appearance of a Facebook fan page soon after the incident, with over 1,000 followers showing admiration and support for Cheng. This indicates that there are many evil elements in various corners of society, ready to encourage such sociopathic behavior. It is unclear whether there was a connection between Cheng's long-planned mass murder and the recent student-led protests against various government policies. But it was in April, at the peak of the mutiny, that Cheng disclosed in a Facebook post that he would "do something big." If the Sunflower Movement is an indication of the young generation's civil disobedience and attention to politics, Cheng's random killings expose the dangerous sociopathic tendencies and lack of conscience among young people. An increased police presence on the metro system is probably not the right solution to prevent similar incidents in the future. We need to understand what kind of hidden malevolent illusions could have moved Cheng to carry out such a cold-blooded act against innocent people. (Editorial abstract -- May 23, 2014) (By Y.F. Low)
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