Tsai Ing-wen to seek constitutional reform, more equitable representation
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-05-26 05:00 PM
Fresh off a sweeping victory in the election for the DPP chair, Tsai Ing-wen disclosed Monday that the focus of her strategy as leader of the party will be on working for constitution reforms that will ensure fairer representation for all the people of Taiwan. Tsai outlined a program which begins with a call for an increase in the number of seats in the Legislative Yuan, a change which outgoing chair Su Tseng-chang has espoused recently. Tsai also wants to see a lowering of the age limit for voting, as well as a move toward the German parliamentary system of government and away from Taiwan’s existing ‘side by side’ system, which gives the president a great deal more power than the German model.

Tsai explained that more seats in the Legislative Yuan are needed in order to ensure that people feel that they are adequately represented in the national legislative assembly. Tsai said the number of seats allotted to the ruling and opposition parties should be apportioned in relation to the number of votes cast by each party’s members, while taking care to see that smaller parties are also given enough ‘breathing space’ in the legislative assembly.

Another area where reform is needed is in regulations governing referendums in Taiwan. Tsai said the complex double threshold should be abandoned in lieu of the principle of a simple majority decision. At the same time, the voting age needs to be lowered to allow a greater number of young citizens to participate in the decision making process.

Tsai stressed that she believes what she termed a ‘constitutional moment’ is emerging in Taiwan. She noted that this gives everyone an opportunity to strengthen and reinforce Taiwan’s democracy, and vowed to move toward consensus in pushing for constitutional reforms that will result in better government for everyone.

Tsai added that the mushrooming of the student movement in March and April showed that the party needs to step up its efforts to bring about change and respond to public sentiment on issues like CSSTA and the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant. She said that once she is in office again as the head of the party she will initiate discussions on these and other problems and take action to ensure that the people have a real voice in government.

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