Settlement in demolition for Wenlin Gardens project
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-05-27 04:35 PM
After two years of controversy and litigation, on Tuesday the family of Wang Kuang-shu and Le Young Construction settled their dispute over demolition of the Wang family residence to make room for construction of the Wenlin Park urban renewal project in Taipei’s Shilin District. Both parties appeared in court to sign a settlement revoking all civil proceedings in the case. Wang told reporters that he was not entirely happy with the settlement but signed the agreement and will not further contest the construction company or its project.

Le Young obtained a construction permit for the project in March 2013 and was ready to proceed with work on the site before encountering opposition from the Wang family. The two sides have since traded accusations regarding the project, with students maintaining a watch and Wang You-teh, the son of Wang Kuang-shu, even hiring a crew to tear down a prefab building erected on the construction site.

Chan Shun-kuei, a lawyer for the Wang family, said administrative proceedings against the Taipei City Government will also be dropped. In addition, a US$17 million bond posted by the Wangs thanks to donations collected by the Taiwan Alliance for Victims of Urban Renewal will be returned to the public as soon as possible.

The Wang family issued a statement of reconciliation in connection with the settlement, identifying themselves as powerless ‘shrimps’’ pitted against great whales in the case. They noted that they wanted nothing more than to live quiet lives, and they thanked all those who supported them in their case against the construction company

Chan Shun-kuei said in a telephone interview that he respected the decision of the Wang family not to continue pressing their case against Le Young, noting that it is always difficult for ‘shrimp’ to maintain a long fight against ‘giant whales.’ In such cases, said Chan, "there are no winners, we all lose."

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