17-year-old suspect in random knife attack in Taipei
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-06-01 04:39 PM
A Taipei resident is in intensive care following g an apparently random knifing Saturday that once more calls attention to the May 21 Taipei MRT incident in which four victims of a knife-wielding assailant died. The latest attack occurred in a residential alleys, and police viewed recordings by nearby monitors identified the suspect as a student surnamed Chou living in the vicinity. Chou was quickly arrested and charged in the knife attack which resulted in injuries to the victim’s liver and lungs and almost hit the heart.

The 17-year-old Chou told police he became angry at midnight and wanted to commit a random murder because he felt the whole world is against him, saying the knife was a weapon for self-defense. Chou reportedly also mentioned Cheng Chieh, the accused killer in the Taipei MRT slayings, in explaining his actions.

The stabbing took place in an alley off of Fude Street in Xinyi District. A resident surnamed Lee returned home and was stabbed from behind by the assailant, a complete stranger. Police recovered a 30cm fruit knife from the suspect when he was taken into custody at 4:00am.

A Xinyi Precinct investigator told reporters that Chou had been involved in an altercation when he was a student in junior high school, but the circumstances in that event were relatively minor compared to Saturday’s stabbing.

Police said Chou’s explanation that the knife was intended for self-defense does not make much sense. They said Chou is not good at verbal expression and has trouble developing social relationships. He apparently dropped out of school after the conflict in junior high school and never returned to class.

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