High court asks for review of bail in Far Glory bribery case
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-06-01 08:15 PM
The Taiwan High Court called Sunday for a review of the bail set by the Taipei District Court for Chao Teng-hsiung and Wei Chun-hsiung, the chairman and vice-president in charge of development of Far Glory Group, in a bribery case involving affordable housing projects in Taoyuan County’s Bade Township.

Prosecutors argued that the district court set bail for Chao and Wei too low at NT$1 million and NT$500,000 respectively, saying that the low levels would tempt the suspects to flee the country rather than stand trial. Following the High Court ruling, a spokesperson for the Taipei District Court said it would deliver a new judgment on bail by Sunday evening at the earliest.

The High Court reasoned that with Chao and Wei facing prison terms of one to seven years in the case, penalties of less than a million NT$ dollars would offer little incentive for either of the two principals in the case to hang around for a court date.

In addition, the fact that suspected accomplices in the case held meetings Saturday to discuss cash flow in the company and other details related to the investigation made it hard for prosecutors to believe that the two main suspects would not attempt to implicate more accomplices in the proceedings and leave them holding the bag in the case.

The High Court pointed out in its ruling that Chao and Wei are top executives in Far Glory and have access to huge financial resources. The group has reportedly expended nearly NT$1.3 billion in the Bade project and can be expected to rake in huge profits, and the numbers being discussed in the bribery case amount to about NT$16 million. The High Court thus ruled that bail of only half a million or a million dollars would do little to ensure that either of the two Far Glory officials would appear in the docket.

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