Far Glory evidence saved from destruction in Dayuan
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-06-02 02:51 PM
The fortunes of Far Glory Group have suffered a tremendous blow with the detention of Taoyuan County Deputy Magistrate Yeh Shih-wen and Far Glory chairman Chao Teng-hsiung on suspicion of bribery. Prosecutors are putting together a case centering on an alleged bribe of NT$16 million delivered to Yeh in return for awarding a bid for an affordable housing project in Bade Township, Taoyuan County. Prosecutors narrowly prevented a huge amount of possible evidence from escaping from their clutches when they intercepted a truck loaded with hundreds of boxes of confidential documents being delivered to the Cheng Kuang Lung Document Destruction Company in Dayuan Township of Taoyuan County, Fortunately the prosecutors received a tip and were able to seize the entire shipment of documents from Far Glory before they could be destroyed .

Six officers from the Independent Commission Against Corruption arrived at the document processing center at 4 pm raid and seized an estimated 3.5 tons of documents packed in hundreds of boxes. By 8 o'clock that evening the boxes had been transferred under police escort to an undisclosed location.

Cheng Kuang Lung has long-term contracts with a wide variety of businesses as well as police and legal agencies in Taiwan. The company handles transcripts, indictments, judgments and other confidential information by shredding the paper documents and pressing the strips into dense bricks that leave the data thereon completely unrecoverable.

On May 29 Tsai Jen-hui, a former professor at National Taipei University of Technology, was identified as the alleged go-between in the bribery scheme between Far Glory and Yeh. ICAC acted on this information and mobilized agents to track down related documents and information n the case. Thus they were able to pick up on and intercept the truckload of documents to Cheng Kuang Lung in Dayuan.

Chao was released on bail Sunday and immediately summoned a crisis meeting of top officials at Far Glory. Meanwhile prosecutors appealed the granting of bail to Tsai, saying that he was a flight risk, and the Taiwan High Court ruled that his bail be revoked. Luckily agents were poised to move when word of the delivery of documents to Cheng Kuang Lung was received, and the agents were able to recover the shipment intact.

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