Weng Chung-chun announces candidacy for Chiayi magistrate
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-06-02 04:04 PM
KMT legislator Weng Chung-chun took to Facebook Sunday evening to announce that he was throwing his hat in the ring in the election for magistrate of Chiayi County at the end of the year.

Weng cited a work by the Qing Dynasty writer Wang Kuo-wei titled "Human Words," pointing out three passages that apply to all who would aspire to do great things. Weng said that reading these passages several times inspired him to assume responsibility for taking care of his family and friends. As a result, he has decided to participate in the election for Chiayi County magistrate.

Weng noted that although many people feel bad about what has transpired in the past few years, we cannot forget that every defeat brings hurt and pain, and we must be strong and resolute. Thus, as Wang Kuo-wei notes, the three stages of life involve acquiring a goal, fighting to realize it, and eventually achieving the desired outcome.

Weng said two persons have occupied the office of the Chiayi County Magistrate for thirteen years and it is time for healthy competition to fill the office once more. He said Chiayi County needs a government that is progressive, clear and bright. To do that, he asked, what is needed? Should the people retain the present system of democratic checks and balances of power, or make a wholesale substitution of faces and see what happens?

Weng noted that the southern branch of the National Palace Museum is slated to open at the end of next year, and development of the Free Economic Pilot Zone (FEPZ) in Chiayi is gathering steam. He said Chiayi County needs a positive force in government to help guide these major projects in the right direction.

Weng has served seven terms in the Legislative Yuan, and he has also stumbled twice in running for Chiayi County magistrate. He admits that county elections are a mine field, but adds, "If I’m not willing to walk through hell, who will?" As the leader of the yellow faction from Chiayi County. Weng sees himself as a "mother hen leading a bevy of chicks" in the local political scene.

He added that Chiayi is a relatively poor agricultural county that needs someone who can cut costs and work for the "benefit of all people." This calls for a person who is not selfish or corrupt and will not just try to drain the public coffers, he said.

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