Firings, tighter rules in Taoyuan after bribery charges
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-06-02 08:13 PM
Stung by accusations of bribery and corruption surrounding former Taoyuan County Deputy Magistrate Yeh Shih-wen, Taoyuan County Magistrate Wu Chih-yang said Monday that he had sacked five officials in the county government in relation to the case. Wu also disclosed that in the future employee badges would carry the imprimatur, "Discuss business in the office, not at social occasions.”

Three days after news broke that Yeh had been charged with accepting bribes from the Farglory Group to facilitate its winning bid in an affordable housing project in Taoyuan County’s Ba-de Township, Wu went before the press Monday to explain that Yeh had been recruited to join the county team because of his long service and extensive experience in development and real estate.

Wu said the scandal is a disaster for the image of the county and that morale has been very seriously affected. He said that Yeh had committed errors that were contrary to his duties and an affront to his co-workers and that he could not be forgiven for betraying the trust of everyone in the Taoyuan County Government. He said he is very disappointed and his heart is heavy over the incident.

To prevent any possibility of a recurrence of such a scandal, said Wu, he has given the order to print the warning, "Discuss business in the office, not at social occasions” on the back of staff identification cards so that county employees will make it a part of their responsibility in carrying out county work.

Wu said that in future all employees will be expected to pay greater attention to the quality of the work they do and to take more pride in their duties and prestige. He urged them all to honor the motto and restrict discussions of business matters to the office.

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