Chen Sai-lien establishes political party to be maiden home of Chinese-born new immigrants
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-06-09 09:16 PM

There are more than 420,000 Chinese-born new immigrants living in Taiwan. Due to the cultural differences, most of them face the difficulties of lives and career. To assist the Chinese-born new immigrants, Chen SAI-lien who comes from Fujiang Province and a group of Chinese-born new immigrants establish the “New Immigrants Republic Party,” aiming at offering new immigrants in Taiwan a maiden home. It’s had been a year since they established the party and already attracting more than 10,000 party members.

The party chairwoman Chen said they had faced many difficulties when they moved to Taiwan. For example, they can’t speak the Taiwanese. Their educational backgrounds can’t be recognized by Taiwan’s authority. In addition, they can’t obtain the identity cards in a short while. These factors make them have the problems to look for jobs and adapt to this society. The authority has been loosening the restrictions on policy of new immigrants though, many of Chinese-born new immigrants still can’t get used to it.

Chen also pointed out that many Chinese-born new immigrants joined the townsmen associations and amity associations and the like in Taiwan. However, those groups are not enough to gather them together. She thinks that a political party could integrate all of them who are living across this island effectively and that moreover, to offer assistances for them to prevent them from following down the same path as them.

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