Yao says he will back Ko Wen-je if he wins poll
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-06-12 10:18 AM
Thursday evening the DPP will carry out the second phase of its quest for a consolidated candidate to take on the KMT’s Sean Lien in the year-end election for mayor of Taipei. DPP legislator Pasuya Yao is going up against NTUH physician Ko Wen-je in a telephone poll to choose a candidate to represent the DPP and all elements of the Green camp.

Yao expressed confidence in his chances Wednesday, noting that his own polls show him ahead of Ko in the race. He added, however, that if Ko should come out on top in the official poll he will throw his undivided support behind him, explaining that he fully respects the opposition strategy of looking for a consolidated candidate.

Former legislator Shen Fu-hsiung was not quite so complacent, saying that if Ko is the winner in the evening poll, he will immediately throw his own hat in the ring and run for mayor.

Informed of Shen’s remark during a press conference Wednesday, Yao said that he believes everyone has the right to stand for election and he welcomed Shen’s attitude. Yao told reporters, "In the future, whether I win or Doctor Ko wins, I hope each of us will be able to support the other. If Doctor Ko wins, I will support his campaign fully. As for others who may want to stand for election, including others from the opposition side - I have no idea who might pop up at any given time –we respect everyone’s right to run."

Leading figures in the DPP were noticeably absent from a "Victory Solidarity Night" party Wednesday for Yao. Party Chairman Tsai Ing-wen is currently traveling in southern and central Taiwan and was unable to attend the event. Yao downplayed the lack of party heavyweights, saying that he was pleased to have members of citizen groups and grassroots sections of the party on hand to show their support.

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