Taiwanese love social networks, especially Facebook: survey
Central News Agency
2014-06-13 06:44 PM
Taipei, June 13 (CNA) Over 96 percent of Taiwanese Internet users in a survey said they had used social networking sites within the previous two weeks, with Facebook remaining the most popular outlet for people to interact online. In a Friday report, the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) of the Institute for Information Industry said it found that YouTube was the most popular multimedia sharing platform among respondents, while local websites Mobile01 and PTT were the most frequented online discussion forums. Nearly all Internet users in the survey -- 96.2 percent -- said they had used social media within the two weeks prior to the survey, while 54.7 percent reported using multimedia sharing platforms, 39.6 percent had used discussion boards, 28.9 percent had used blogs, 15.5 percent had used micro-blogging sites and 13.8 percent had used photo-sharing platforms. Facebook was the most-used social networking site by a huge margin, with 95.8 percent of respondents having used it, and Google+ claiming a distant second at 24.7 percent. The third, fourth, and fifth places went to Taiwanese sites Pixnet (20.7 percent), Xuite (12.7 percent) and Plurk (8 percent), respectively. Following YouTube (96.5 percent), the most popular sharing sites were Chinese site Tudou (23.6 percent) and PPStream (20.3 percent), Yahoo Screen/Movies (19.5 percent) and Xuite Vlog (17.7 percent). Mobile01 (51.4 percent) was named the most popular forum, with PTT (51.2 percent) trailing closely, followed by Yahoo Knowledge (46.2 percent), Eyny (35.5 percent) and CK101 (23.4 percent). MIC found that social networking is a platform for survey respondents to keep in contact with real-life friends (73 percent), family members (60.3 percent), people from work (42.4 percent), friends who they have not seen in a long time (35.4 percent) and friends they know only online (27.9 percent). In terms of Internet use behavior, respondents said they use online social networking platforms mostly for keeping in contact (82.8 percent), following online friends and bloggers (46.4 percent), following fan groups and other pages (35.1 percent), following their favorite brands (33.1 percent) and finding information on celebrities (28.4 percent). The online survey was conducted over the month of March and collected 2,187 samples with a 95 percent confidence level and a margin of error of 2.1 percent. (By Jalen Chung and Evelyn Kao)
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